Why I don’t believe in Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and other similar programs

I know you have at least heard of one of these programs before… Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig… they have all been around for years. I don’t want my title to lead you to believe that I feel these programs DON’T WORK, because I have personally used Weight Watchers and it DOES. But my reasons are much deeper than this. What happens when you stop these programs? Do you want to hear what happened to me when I stopped Weight Watchers?

I participated in the Weight Watchers program in 2007. I needed to lose about 30 pounds. Did it work? Yes, it worked. But no emphasis was put on working out or on eating healthy items. I used my “points” on unhealthy foods the majority of the time. There are points associated with all fast food restaurants, pizza, etc… things that really should only be consumed rarely. So I wasn’t eating enough. I was wasting 11 points on one slice of pizza and only having 10 left for the remainder of the day. I did the program for four months and lost 20 pounds. I ended up being satisfied with the way I looked in the mirror at that weight and no longer wanted to pay the monthly fee. I thought “I can do this alone; I don’t need help!” Six months later I had gained about 40 pounds back and was over 200 pounds! In my opinion, Weight Watchers doesn’t instill the value of making a genuine lifestyle change or cutting processed crap out of your diet. Eating McDonalds for all of your daily points might make you thinner since you aren’t eating enough, but it will NOT make you healthy.

I’ve never used Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig… or any other pre-packaged food program. Not only are they extremely expensive in my opinion, they are serving you processed garbage! I understand the concept and that it might be great for busy people… but I am busy and still cook my own meals. According to the Nutrisystem website, their daily meal plans includes up to 2200 mg of sodium… that doesn’t sound very healthy to me. it is under the “recommended” daily allowance for someone without high blood pressure or other problems of that nature, but that is still a lot of salt. Their website also states that most of the meals are portable, and most do not even need to be refrigerated or frozen. If my rotini and meatball entrée doesn’t even have to be refrigerated, I don’t think that is something I want to put in my body. Yuck! On Nutrisystem, as of July 2013, you would pay up to nearly $12 a DAY… for processed, packaged garbage. Just because it is low in fat and low on the Glycemic index does not mean it is healthy. Jenny Craig has a very similar concept, but can cost you between $15-$22 dollars a DAY! Once again… you’ll pay this for packaged, processed foods.

My main point I am trying to get across is that weight loss isn’t easy, but if you take some time to learn what will truly nourish your body, you don’t need to spend up to $500 a month for someone to mail you processed foods. I cook my own meals, and I had to teach myself what is good and what is not good for my body. I had to learn that processed foods are awful for the body. Just cutting processed foods alone, along with an exercise plan, has helped me lose 30 pounds.

My one health splurge every month is my beloved Shakeology… because although I cook my own meals, it is impossible for me to get ALL of the nutrients I need for the day from my food alone. I’d have to spend TONS of money at the store or tons of money on vitamins to get what my body needs, not to mention travel to other countries to pick up some of the ingredients! I’m very rushed in the mornings, and mixing my shake takes hardly any time… and gives me energy to get through my workday, come home and cook dinner and workout AND clean up the house… with no caffeine in my diet. I’d say the splurge is worth it.


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