Ultimate Reset – Days 1-3 Recap

Ultimate Reset Days 1 - 3 Recap

Day 1

Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset was fairly easy for me. I weighed to track my progress – I started at 166.6 pounds. The menu on day 1 consists of eggs, kale (not my favorite!), a giant salad with grilled chicken, and delicious salmon and asparagus. I had to go out for dinner for my birthday, so I chose a restaurant that offered the dinner options I needed – ‘O Charley’s! ‘O Charley’s has delicious salmon.

Skipping the rolls at dinner was not hard, but I had to take a to-go order home for my husband for when he got home from umpiring a baseball game. Of course, they generously stocked the to-go bag with FOUR of their rolls. Why would one person need FOUR rolls? Dinner was early, at like 6pm, and I struggle with night-time eating… I can do very well all day then at night I want to binge.

So after dinner, we receive a call that my nana is heading to the emergency room because she is sick. So we spent about 3 hours in the ER making sure she was stable and in good hands before heading home. My husband didn’t get to eat his meal until about 10:30pm, at which point I felt like I was starving, so I ate a roll. OOPS – but I am being honest and real with you here! The only issue I had on day 1 was a nagging headache all day due to not having any coffee! Coffee had become a huge part of my day again, which gives me terrible anxiety, and I am really excited to wean myself off of it.

Day 2

Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset was similar to day 1, in that the meals were easy to follow and I had a nagging headache. One amazing this was that when my alarm went off, I didn’t press SNOOZE! I jumped up out of bed and was alert for the rest of the day. I had to break down and take a migraine pill due to my headache getting pretty bad due to no caffeine. I took advantage of my snack and had some strawberries and peanut butter.

Week one is all about slowly removing foods like red meat, coffee and dairy which put a lot of stress on your digestive system and make your body more acidic which can cause lots of health issues. Week one is focused also on rehydrating the body and reactivating cell function and shifting your body’s pH levels back toward a more alkaline state.

Day 3

Day 3 was a little more difficult in regards to energy levels. However, I woke up 3 pounds lighter than I was on day 1, which is likely water leaving my body due to my reduced sodium intake. I have issues with consuming too much sodium, so this is a great break for my body to get used to not using so much in my diet. Waking up was a little harder on day 3, but I hear that days 3 – 5 are the hardest on most people. My day 3 was a MONDAY, which I am typically very tired on anyway and typically pump myself with coffee. I was pretty hungry before lunch, but made it through and made sure to drink my water. Around lunch I got a terrible headache – still just detoxing from my caffeine addiction! I would typically have a second or third cup of coffee around 3pm, so my body must have secretly been telling me it wanted coffee!! No can do! I also took advantage of my snack and had an apple with peanut butter. It was extremely tempting to eat the entire jar of peanut butter…hehe. Night went well with no cravings after dinner – success!


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