Running Tips for New Runners

Ok, maybe I am not a NEW runner, but I don’t hardly ever run. I just don’t like it. I do not enjoy it at all, unless I am running outside. I can’t really ever run outside with convenience, because I live on a very busy part of a road… so it simply isn’t safe and I am not brave enough! So tonight I had the random urge to go run on my treadmill.

I noticed there are a few things that happen to me when I run – my shoulders hurt because I am clearly tensing them without realizing. I also bang my feet super hard, making my feet hurt, but I was not sure how to avoid doing that. So I asked my Facebook friends for some running tips for new runners, and I was flooded with amazing tips. Check them out!

* You need to have really decent running shoes.

* I had to teach myself to run with limp hands, not in a fist. It lets my whole arm relax and not feel tense when I run.

* Get fitted for the right type of running shoes for your feet. That makes a HUGE difference. As for the shoulders…every now and then, check in with yourself and make sure you are relaxing your hands and shoulders. I used to have the same problem, but now it only creeps up on me in a race once and awhile!

* good shoes, light weight, and flexible, run heal to toe, and relax. Shake your arms every once in a while, helps to loosen them while running.

* I do the same. My brother is buying me new shoes

* Eric Cole http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFatIwxSvQQ&list=WL9sjXqXmPobo6o0340-6iawGng8XjUPzh

* Improve Your Running Form: Tips with Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday
Some tips on how to improve your running form so you can run faster, be more efficient, and reduce the risk of injury.

* I recommend barefoot shoes- especially vibram fivefingers. Love mine. More natural running motion, easier on the knees and back. Killer on the calves

* I think you and me should get together with running, shakeology, and Mary Kay!!!

* Before I read the comments I was gonna say make sure you have really good running shoes.

* Breathe in through nose out through mouth keeps me stay looser too and not get the horrible side cramp

* Start slow. Build up. Take your time getting used to it. If your tensing up, your body and muscles aren’t used to it. Give it a little time. Start by doing more walking and then mixing in a little running here and their. When you are running relax ever…See More

* Oh and idk how far you run, but to go along with Zack- get one if the 5k apps if you haven’t already. Great tool

* Agreed. Start small though and set goals. That helps a TON.

* Shoes are key…I ran cross country in high school and haven’t stopped. There are some great places that actually watch u run and suggest a shoe. Also do not run on sidewalks. Find a trail or run on the pavement (its softer). And I was also told to run like ur holding butterflys in your hands…it makes u relax. and get a good mix of music.

* Do NOT run heel to toe, that’s a sure way to hurt yourself, your heel is not meant to absorb the force of your entire body crashing to the ground. Shoot for a midfoot strike if using traditional running shoes that have a heel on them, sometimes forefoot is still kind of painful if you’re using those. If you go for the minimalist footwear like Vibrams, you have to train your body to run properly on your forefoot, you can’t just start right out of the gate or you’ll injure yourself. I hurt my knee, kept me from running much for a couple weeks because I pushed too hard in my Vibrams before my body was ready. The Vibrams site has info on training. I do second the trail running/pavement suggestions though. Runkeeper is a good app for tracking your progress, the Zen Labs C25K is a good 5K app, both are free.


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