Personal Review of SMARTMADE™


As a new mom, finding the time to EAT is sometimes hard to do. I dread actually needing to cook lunch, but never really had many other options because I had not ever seen a brand offer clean foods in a frozen meal form! So when I saw the new selections from SMARTMADE ™ by SmartOnes (R), I was super excited. The options available were genuinely things that I would meal prep, but in a much easier form! So, I decided to grab a few to try. The review I am sharing today is of the White Wine Chicken & Couscous. 


I mean seriously, how yummy does that look? It looks like something I would have spent tons of time prepping. The meal included chicken for protein, couscous for some healthy carbs, and grilled veggies all tossed in a white wine sauce! One of the major things that drew me to this brand was that the ingredients on the label were all things I could pronounce.


Also, the meals are prepared in ways like you would prepare them yourself – like grilling or roasting. They’ve made swaps like couscous instead of white rice that is found in many frozen meals. The brand really took the time to make these meals smart and easy. That is super important for a busy momma like me!


I don’t know about you, but as a work from home mom, lunch is my hardest meal to eat. Even if I have meals prepped, actually putting it all together can be cumbersome when I’m trying to also feed my daughter and get her in the bed for a nap. Oftentimes, my husband also will come home for lunch and I really enjoy spending that time with him doing something relaxing like watching TV for a few minutes, not in the kitchen cooking! Having these meals as an option now is super exciting for me because I can pop it into the microwave while I juggle everything else. Any other moms with me on this!? If so, definitely check and see if your local store carries these meals. I got mine at Walmart. I can’t wait to try the other varieties!

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