My P90X3 Week 1 Results

My P90X3 Week 1 Results

I am so excited to announce my P90X3 week 1 results because I was very SHOCKED! I weigh every day or two just to make sure I am staying on track… if I see an extra pound or two popping up, I know I need to cut back on something – usually it is sodium I am getting too much of. So over the course of this week, I actually GAINED two pounds, which is totally normal when starting a new workout program. Your muscles get sore when you start a new program, which actually causes a bodily response where our body will actually try to protect itself by swelling. Exercise physiologists refer to this as delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. This temporary retention of fluid can result in a 3- to 4-pound weight gain within a few weeks of a new program. So I was not alarmed by this number. The scale is a liar anyway, because measurements tell the FULL story.

I was so surprised at my measurements! In just one week, I lost 6.5 inches from my body and 1.5% body fat. I’ve been asked how I measure my body fat – I purchased body fat calipers from teambeachbody.com. We didn’t do my husband’s measurements again yet, but he lost 5 pounds last week. I am so excited to see where the rest of this program takes us!

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