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P90x3 Review: Fit Test :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

P90x3 Review: Fit Test

P90x3 Review: Fit Test

Happy to announce that my P90X3 arrived over the weekend! It was like an after-Christmas gift- and trust me, I need it after over-indulging over the holidays. I ripped open the box and started looking through its contents right away – I wanted to be able to do a P90x3 review for you guys. My kit came with the 16 hardcore 30 minute workouts, a bonus workout (which is a free gift when you order through a Team Beachbody Coach, a P90X3 hat (a limited time offer only- better snatch it up!), a workout calendar, a “How to Accelerate” DVD, and a fitness/nutrition guide. Call me a nerd, but I love reading through new program fitness guides. I get excited. 😀 I won’t bore you with a breakdown of the DVDs, so you can easily read about them here if you’re feeling froggy.

To start off, I did watch the “How to Accelerate” DVD, which I highly recommend all of you do in advance before plunging straight into the workouts. It’s fairly short, but full of awesome tips and guidelines for how to follow the program, get the best results and stay injury-free. It goes over the different types of workouts included (and why), as well as what equipment you will need. Tony is a super fun guy and gives a good preview for what’s to come over the next 90 days. It also points out that you should do the fitness test before starting the workouts, which I recruited my husband to do with me since he reluctantly agreed to do the program with me.

The guide makes a big points of “Before beginning an extreme fitness program like P90X3, it’s important to be sure that your level of fitness is adequate” (pg. 26). This test allows someone to see if they are ready for the program by providing minimum requirements for each part of the test. They suggest that if you can’t meet the minimum requirements that you should try a different program (like Power 90) to better prepare your body for this program. The test took about 40 minutes since we both had to do it. It is a nice way to see how much you improve throughout the program by comparing your initial results to your final results at the end. I know we will improve so much over the course of this program and I cannot wait to see our end results!

You start your fit test with a basic warm up until you build up a light sweat. Follow this up with a light stretch.

We specifically purchased a pull-up bar for this program, as we did not have one. I started with the attitude of “I’VE GOT THIS! I CAN SO DO A PULL-UP!” and was quickly defeated. The fitness guide outlines how to complete the chin-ups with proper form and provides a spot for you to record your Day 0 and Day 91 results. It specifically states that you must fully extend your arms between each pull-up. It also cautions that some people may not be able to do any pull-ups at the beginning and to not be discouraged. The fitness guide also states a recommended minimum for every exercise to see if you’re ready for the program. I really like that they have minimum requirements as it helps motivate you to try harder to reach those. I did 0 pull ups and my husband did 2.

Vertical Leap
The second test is the vertical leap. Pretty straightforward and my husband and I both destroyed the minimum requirement (5 inches for males; 3 inches for females). Mine was 13 inches and my husband’s was 18 inches. I told him I felt like that was really high, and he told me that professional sports players can have vertical leaps of like 40 inches – WHAT?!?!

Push-ups were next and pretty basic. My husband did quite well with 20, and I didn’t do so well. I completed 1 – I can do more than that, but this requires you to go within 2 inches of touching your chest on the ground. If I am honest in my form, I can only do 1 currently. Minimum requirements were 15 for males and 3 for females (or 15 knee push-ups). I’ll get there!

Toe Touch/Flexibility Test
This was pretty simple – it was a measurement of how close you can come to reaching your toes, or how far past your toes you can reach, sitting with your legs extended in front of you. My husband got a -4, which means he was 4 inches away from touching his toes. I received a 0 because I can touch my toes, but cannot go further.

Wall Squats
Wall squats are tough- no joke! It is basically sitting in a chair against a wall… but with no chair. J My husband lasted for a little over a minute, and I made it 2 minutes.

Bicep Curls
Next were Bicep Curls. Pretty straightforward. You were supposed to pick a minimum weight that you felt you could do 10 to 15 reps with before fatigue. My husband used 25 pounds and got 12. I used 10 pounds (the heaviest we have that I can lift) and did 20 reps. We will be picking up some adjustable dumbbells soon!

In and Outs
In and outs is an ab exercise where you sit and bring your knees in and stretch your legs out without touching the ground with your feet. These are hard! I did 18 and my husband did 20 – not too shabby. My abs are my weakest muscles, along with my chest (as you can tell from the pull ups and push ups).

Heart Rate Maximizer
The final exercise was the heart rate maximizer where you do jumping jacks at a quick and steady pace for 1 1/2 minutes and then amp it up to a sprint for the last 30 seconds. You take your heart rate immediately after stopping, then 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 4 minutes later. They just state that you should be able to finish the test standing and able to breathe. I discovered that my heart recovers very quickly – immediately after stopping, it was 165 and after only 1 minute it was down to 116. My husband’s was a little slower to recover but he did get back down to normal.

I am really excited to make some gains in my strength over the next 90 days. I want to be STRONG!! I am also ready to lose those last 15 pounds and really think P90x3 will help me get there. Stay tuned! Hope you enjoyed my P90x3 review of the fit test!

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