P90x3 Challenge: Day 3 Yoga X

P90x3 Challenge: Day 3 Yoga X


I was not looking forward to day 3 of my P90x3 challenge – Yoga X was on the schedule. My mind was thinking back to Yoga X in the original P90x which was an hour and a half long and miserable (not gonna lie!) to someone who does not really like yoga. So, like I said, I was not excited. Surprisingly, the short 30 minute duration really made it not so bad! I was blown away by one of the guys in the cast (can’t remember his name) and all of the crazy handstands and things he was doing with ease. That was inspiring! I did my best and used this as a time to relax and STRETCH my sore muscles from previous days in the P90x3 challenge. I will no longer dread yoga!

Tomorrow’s workout is very intimidating… all pull-ups and push-ups, which are both my weaknesses – so we will see how that goes! Let’s go get stronger!

Don’t forget… there is still time to jump into my next P90x3 challenge group!

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