P90x3 Challenge: Day 4 The Challenge

P90x3 Challenge: Day 4 The Challenge

So on the schedule today was a workout I’ve been dreading all week! I normally don’t “dread” workouts, but this one was intimidating because some of the amazing people in my challenge group had already been talking about it. P90x3’s The Challenge workout is 100% completely pull-ups/chin-ups and push-ups. All of these are my weaknesses! But I live to tell the tale…

In the beginning, Tony Horton says to pick your “numbers”! What does this mean? You are supposed to pick a reasonable number of reps for yourself to do with each exercise. I chose 16 for pull-ups/chin-ups (I’ll tell you HOW in a moment) and 8 for push-ups. Since this workout was focused all on these exercises, I chose to use the resistance bands to do the modified pull-ups/chin-ups – because I knew doing 1/2 a rep wasn’t going to cut it. You are supposed to choose numbers that you can do repeatedly throughout the 30 minute program. It gets seriously challenging, which is probably where the name of the program came from! It is fun to challenge yourself and prove to yourself that you can do it.

My husband and I both totally did great, until the burnout during the last 3 minutes. That was ROUGH! But we lived. 🙂

Don’t forget there is still time to join in the fun! Check it out… HERE

Next up… day 5!

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