P90x3 Challenge: Day 2 Agility X

P90x3 Challenge: Day 2 Agility X

P90x3 Agility X

Today…I am sore! But that means I worked some muscles that aren’t used to being worked, which is a good thing! Today’s workout for our P90x3 challenge, Agility X, was really a test of agility, which I also lack. I enjoy cardio workouts and generally do better with them than strength workouts, which showed yesterday during Total Synergistics. So, thus far I am really excited that these workouts are challenging because that means I will get stronger in areas that I am lacking in.

You’ll need some tape on the ground for this one, because you will do lots of jumping around and footwork. I can guess that exercises similar to this are what sports players use during training.

Despite the fact that I am better at cardio workouts, this one still kicked my behind. Once again I burned over 300 calories in 30 short minutes and was a sweaty mess. But guess what? It totally helped my soreness from the day before subside.

Next up…day 3!

Don’t forget… there is still time to jump into my next P90x3 challenge group!

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