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P90x3 Challenge: Day 1 Total Synergystics :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

P90x3 Challenge: Day 1 Total Synergystics

P90x3 Challenge: Day 1 Total Synergistics

p90x3 challenge total synergistics

Having only done the P90x Fit Test so far, I didn’t quite know what to expect! My husband is joining in with me for this P90x3 challenge so this will be the first one we have completed together. YAY! Out of the four different workout calendars offered for the P90x3 challenge, we chose the Classic calendar. The other options are Lean, Mass and Doubles. Whoever does doubles is CRAZY!! 😉

So on the workout schedule for day one of my P90x3 challenge was Total Synergistics. I didn’t even know what the word “synergistic” meant, but I quickly found out! The word is defined as “the combined action of two or more processes that is greater than the sum of each acting separately.” Basically, that means Tony Horton is about to whoop your behind! Things such as knee up/pull-ups were in store for us…

This workout was HARD, mainly because I am very weak in my chest muscles, so pull-ups are impossible for me at the moment. But I did as best as I could and did the modifications when necessary to help build my strength. I WILL DO A PULL-UP BEFORE THIS IS OVER! On another note, the workout flew by – 30 minutes of getting your behind kicked. Over 300 calories in a 30 minute workout for me personally is amazing – I didn’t even burn that much with T25 (although it was close!).

Ready for day 2!

Don’t forget… there is still time to jump into my next P90x3 challenge group!

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