Life Happens- A Note of Encouragement

life happens

Hello friends! 🙂

I know I mostly write a lot of articles, but I want to get REAL with you and be open with you about some things that have been going on the last month.

A month ago exactly, on February 13th, I had to have a minor surgery. I had just begun Block 2 of P90x3. My workouts were super consistent and I was rocking it!! After the surgery, I was advised to not exercise for 2 weeks. WHAT?! I had not taken that long away from exercise since April 2013 when I did the Ultimate Reset program (21 day detox- no exercise). So, it had been almost 1 year since taking that much time off! I was bummed. What does being bummed and NOT ACTIVE do for me personally? It makes my eating start to slip into old habits. I had a lot of bloat leftover from my surgery, so I completed the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse during this period and lost almost 7 pounds. That was awesome, but I was still completely off of my routine. (But I did not gain that 7 pounds back – pretty sure it was bloat!)

My 2 week break ended on a Thursday, so I decided I’d start my workouts back up the following Monday, which means I took even more days off. I decided to jump right back in where I left off, about killing myself. It was HARD to start back up in the second week of Block 2 of P90x3; BUT I pushed through, because that is what I do. My eating was still “meh” and it caused me to get really down, which for me causes my eating habits to get even worse. So I felt STUCK. I kept at the workouts, doing my best, and then went out of town the following weekend for a personal development training seminar! Needless to say, I lost my willpower on the trip – I was with other coaches so my eating wasn’t TOO bad, but I didn’t work out – this threw my routine off AGAIN.

I returned home Sunday, and on Monday (this was just this past Monday the 10th) I jumped back in where I left off. I have gained about 2 pounds back, and it could be much worse. I started to really beat myself up about it, but you know what? That is not worth it. Life happens; sometimes we fall off track. I am trying to get back on track, and that is all that matters. I teach all of my clients to not beat themselves up about falling off the wagon, so why was I doing to to myself? All that matters is that we get back on track! <3

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