February 8th “Love Yourself” Fitness Group

february fitness accountability

Hey friends!! It’s been a while since I posted about a challenge group, so here it is!! FEBRUARY is already upon us – how many of you made a goal to start a fitness program or eat healthier this year and by the second or third week, you’ve quit? I’ve definitely been there before. 😫

Trust me, I used to be that person. But in 2013, I made a resolution to finally start LOVING MYSELF, and taking care of myself… and vowed to do that for LIFE. That year was my year to finally lose this weight, and never looked back. Here we are, 3 years later, and I am still going strong! 💪

Have I screwed up along the way? HECK YES! All the time!! This is a lifestyle, and I want to teach you to love yourself enough to know that mistakes will happen, but that will not stop you! You will keep going! 🙌

So what happened that year that made this former quitter stick with it? I was plugged into an awesome program, guaranteed to work {or my money back – WHAT!!}, and an awesome accountability group with others following a program, too. There’s nothing like the power of accountability, friends!! 👩

I still struggle with not wanting to workout, but knowing that I gotta post my sweaty selfie afterwards is what keeps me going! I know it probably sounds silly, but it’s TRUE! And this momma is now trying to lose that baby weight, and I need YOU to hold ME accountable!! 😃

Give me 30 minutes of your time each day, and take my hand… we will do this thing together and I will show you how to LOVE YOURSELF again! ❤💜💚

This group starts FEBRUARY 8TH and we are limiting space this go-around so that we can really focus on each of you individually! So don’t wait to get started!

Contact me to learn about how you can join us, or fill out this simple form! 👇


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