FEAR – Are you letting fear hold you back?

You hate your job; you hate your relationship; you hate where you live; you hate the weight you have gained; you hate the area you live in. Do any of situations sound like you? If you dislike any situation you are in, why are you not changing it? If you are unhappy, why are you not changing the things that make you unhappy? As a society, we complain about so many things, yet don’t want to do anything about it. Why do we do this? Are we doing this out of fear? Are you letting fear hold you back and control your life? As a person who has always let fear control my life and my actions, I would love to share the new tactics that I have started to use to make me less fearful about taking risks.

So, why is it that you are not doing what you love and chasing your dreams? Why are you not pursuing your dream career? Why are you not moving to a place that is what you’ve always dreamed of? Why are you staying in a relationship that makes you unhappy? Fear holds us back because we are typically more afraid of what we will lose rather than what we could gain from changing our situation. For example, you might want to start your own business. You might decide to not start your own business, even though you have a dream and a vision, all because you are letting fear hold you back. You are afraid of what you might lose if you start your own business. But what if you focus instead on what could happen? You could be insanely successful and it could change your life and make you happy. Another example is you hate the way you have gained weight, but are not doing anything to change it. Why not? Are you letting fear hold you back? Are you afraid that people will judge you for changing to a healthier lifestyle?

Typically, we want to prevent failure by not trying at all. You may fear that you will fail at launching a business or losing weight. You want to stay safe, avoid mistakes and avoid any possible heartbreak. You aren’t open to taking chances and you aren’t thinking in the mindset that letting go of that fear will change your life forever. Instead, why don’t you look at your goals in terms of what you might gain from the situation? So many times in life we pass up amazing, life changing opportunities because we are letting fear hold us back! My personal recent example is starting my own business. I could have kept letting fear of failure hold me back. I knew that I had a chance of failing, but my mindset stays consistently on success. I tell myself daily that I can do this and that even if it ends up not working out, failing is better than never trying at all and wondering WHAT IF.

I want to tell you that starting this business has entirely changed my outlook on life. My love for helping women overcome their weight loss struggles is overwhelming. Being able to see other women succeed in reaching their goals is a light in my life. If I would have been afraid to start coaching, I NEVER would have experienced the feeling of being able to help another person succeed. I would have missed seeing their eyes light up when they realize they have lost 30 pounds and their diabetes is gone.

My closing note for you is to tell you when you are thinking of making a decision or taking a risk to do something you want to do, think of what you have to gain and erase all thoughts of what you might lose. Take out a sheet of paper and list out all the ways you will benefit if you make that change. If you lose the weight you might: 1) come off expensive medications; 2) feel confident again in your own skin, which will improve your life in every way; 3) be able to run that marathon you’ve always wanted to run, etc., the list could go on and on. Repeat this list out loud to yourself when you start letting that fear hold you back. Keep out any negative thoughts about what could possibly go wrong, and just focus on this list of things that could go right! This process will start to feel more natural to you and before you know it, you will no longer be letting fear hold you back and you will have a bright and shiny new outlook on every situation in front of you. You will love it, I promise!

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