3 Ways to Banish Holiday Stress!

3 Ways to Banish Holiday Stress

While it is supposed to be the most cheerful and joyous time of the year, we all know that it can be a struggle at times to not become stressed over all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. There are a few ways to keep banish holiday stress so that it doesn’t ruin your Christmas cheer!

1. Forget the Perfectionism!

I think most of us, especially us women, want everything to be perfect around the holidays. We set unrealistic goals for ourselves, such as I am going to find the perfect gift for everyone in my family or My Christmas meal is going to be flawless. Well, friends, unfortunately the perfectionist in us will do nothing but stress us out. Nobody is perfect and striving too hard to be perfect can cause stress and anxiety. Do your best and enjoy your Christmas holiday with your family – they don’t expect you to be perfect either!

2. Practice Moderation!

For those of us that are currently on a journey to becoming more healthy and more “in-shape”, the Christmas season can be stressful as we try to stick to our new habits. As your family is preparing meals likely filled with calories and fat, you’re super stressed about totally falling off the wagon. As someone in the fitness field, I hear this from women all the time – I also am guilty. I sometimes feel like if I allow myself to splurge, that I am going to suddenly gain my 35 pounds back that I lost this year. Well, this is just not true. I say practice moderation – don’t deprive yourself of Grandma’s pecan pie that you only get once per year if you want a slice. Practice moderation, don’t eat the whole pie, and realize that splurging a bit during the holidays will not derail all progress you’ve made. Just don’t go overboard and you’ll be just fine, I promise.

3. Take Time for Yourself!

Attention!! It is not selfish to take some time for yourself! Most of us feel guilty, especially during the holidays, if we try to take some me time. We all need to recharge our batteries, especially during the holidays. When you start to feel your stress levels rise, I am sure your family would appreciate if you took 30 minutes to go for a run or pop in a workout DVD to rid yourself of some of that stress. So take some time and sneak off to the nail salon for a quick manicure or take a bubble bath – your family and friends will appreciate a more zen you.

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