My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan: Week 3 Final

21 day fix results

Well friends I’m finally writing to share with you my 21 Day Fix results! I really enjoyed this program and after I finish healing from my surgery I am going to do round two with a group of challengers in my sweet challenge group(click to join) starting May 19th. The last week of the program was so much easier than the first two weeks. Not that the first two weeks were hard, but I have just become very accustomed to the meal plan and love it! It has helped me tremendously to be able to just stick my food in the containers and if it fits, then I eat it.

21 day fix results

As you have may have read last week, I posted about my surgery on May 1st. I was told that I could not exercise or do any strenuous activity or lifting for two weeks, which will be this Thursday! I definitely don’t feel like exercise; I have stitches in my nose and they hurt, and when I walk too far I start to feel light-headed. The end result is going to be worth it! So May 19th I will start round two.

So….my results! I lost 5 pounds and 8 inches from all over. Pretty impressive for me in a three week time frame at this point in my weight loss journey. It has been a continuous struggle for me to lose more weight since I lost the 35 pounds last year. I am at that point where I really do not have much to lose anymore, so it has been taking a long time! I have NO DOUBT that the 21 day fix eating plan is the reason for the weight loss, because portion control has always been a struggle of mine. When I changed my lifestyle, I switched to healthier foods, but my portions were still too large. This plan has been a real eye-opener! The portions plus my healthiest meal of the day, Shakeology, really helped give me so much more energy instead of a crash mid-day!

21 day fix results

I can’t wait to start round two! Any other 21 day fixers out there? What were your results?

Ready for the challenge? I know you are! Click the banner below to apply for my May 19th group and I will contact you ASAP.

21 day fix results

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