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21 Day Fix Transformation Story: Tony Phillips :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

21 Day Fix Transformation Story: Tony Phillips

21 day fix transformation story

Hey friends! I’m so excited today! I have the honor of sharing my friend Tony Phillips’ 21 Day Fix transformation story with you! Tony is seriously one of the busiest people I know – he has a beautiful wife and two children, and he travels full-time for work and is ALWAYS on the road and at business events and business dinners. To have watched his story unfold despite being so busy AND always being in airports and restaurants for work has been unreal. It has truly shown that anyone, under any circumstance, can make this happen if the WHY is strong enough, and his was! As you read his story, I want you to seriously picture yourself in his story if you can relate.

I asked Tony to answer some questions for me so that I could share with you his story IN HIS WORDS. Our hope is that his story touches you in some way and inspires you to either start or continue your own journey!

21 day fix transformation

Me: Was there a monumental moment in your life that made you realize you had to make some changes? What was the moment?

Tony: Yes, there absolutely was! I had a terrible medical scare while on business trip and passed out in hotel bathroom in AM while getting ready for a meeting. The ER thought I had a heart attack or stroke. Could not determine. This was the change that started it all to make a change.

21 day fix transformation

Me: What programs/nutritionals did you use and for how long? How do you feel like they played a role in helping you in your transformation?

Tony: I did many rounds of the 21 Day Fix, several rounds of the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Insanity and 21 Day Fix hybrid, Hammer and Chisel and 22 Minute Hard Corps. Energize, Shakeology and Recover were the nutritional products I used. Absolutely these all played a role in my transformation.

21 day fix transformation

Me: What do you think your life would have looked like in 5 years had you not made any changes?

Tony: I really do NOT believe I would be alive in 5 years and definitely not 10 if I would not have made my changes. In addition, I would still be living my days in aches and pains. And on medications such as blood pressure, cholesterol and pre-diabetic meds and I am on none any longer.

Me: What kept you going when things got difficult?

Tony: My WHYs! – no more meds, no more medical scares, no more pains and aches, my wife and kids and the opportunity to break the chain of obesity, medical issues and early death in my family.

21 day fix transformation

Me: How did you stay on track as such a busy person who travels for work and has a family and little to no spare time?

Tony: I am ALL IN with this whole journey so I have no opportunity to stay off track. I set a schedule weekly on meals, workouts, business planning and the rest of my hectic schedule. It changes weekly, but it is very set and I use my accountability groups to help push me through the toughest days!!

21 day fix transformation

Me: What would you say to someone considering trying to start their own 21 Day Fix transformation but is hesitant?

Tony: What are you waiting for?!? You only get ONE life and ONE chance so why not make the life the absolute best while you are here on earth. Also God made us a temple and I will honor His word to drive me to my goals and all should do the same!

There you have it! Tony’s story told from HIS perspective. There’s no way I could have shared his story better than HE COULD! If you can relate to Tony’s 21 Day Fix transformation story, PLEASE don’t keep hesitating and reach out to me! YOU ARE WORTH THIS! I will hold your hand every step of the way! You will NOT be on this journey alone, my friend. Fill out the quick application below and I’ll reach out to you. Stop hesitating on your future!

Tony also entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge and is up for a HUGE $25,000 prize! We find out on July 30th if he WINS! I am so honored to know Tony and have been able to watch his story unfold! Now it’s your turn!

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