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21 Day Fix Transformation Story: Sara Walker :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

21 Day Fix Transformation Story: Sara Walker

21 day fix transformation sara

Hey friends! I’m so excited today! I have the honor of sharing my good friend Sara Walker’s 21 Day Fix transformation story with you! Sara is a mom to two absolutely adorable children, Brady and Addie, and she works full time. She shows us that you can seriously do anything you put your minds to, mommas! As you read her story, I want you to seriously picture yourself in her story if you can relate.

I asked her to answer some questions for me so that I could share with you her story IN HER WORDS. Our hope is that her story touches you in some way and inspires you to either start or continue your own journey!

Me: Was there a monumental moment in your life that made you realize you had to make some changes? What was the moment?

Sara: YES!!! I lost my weight so fast after having my son. I felt awesome, and was so confident. After having my daughter a few years later, I thought it would be just as easy to bounce back. I did exactly what I did before, after having my son, but this time it wasn’t helping me lose the weight. I went almost a year of trying to count calories and walking on the treadmill, before completely giving up. I wasn’t losing ANY weight and it completely depressed me and I felt lost. I didn’t have any confidence, feel sexy, or have any energy at all. I never wanted to dress nice, and felt frumpy all of the time. It showed in my personality too. 🙁 Going to the beach that summer and seeing what I looked like in a bathing suit was my low point. I had hit rock bottom there, and refused to be that mom that wouldn’t get in the pool and play with their kids.

Me: What programs/nutritionals did you use and for how long? How do you feel like they played a role in helping you in your transformation?

Sara: I started off with the 21 Day Fix meal plan, 21 Day Fix workouts, and Shakeology. After 4 rounds of the 21 Day Fix I lost 26lbs!!! After that I tried about 3 Rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme, and then when Hammer and Chisel came out, I did several rounds of that one. 21 Day fix helped me lose the weight, and Hammer and Chisel helped lift and tone everything. With all of the programs I used, the 21 Day fix meal plan and drank Shakeology daily. These programs were life savers to me! My husband works late seasonally, so I couldn’t always make it to the gym to workout. I also hated to miss out on that time with my kids, so I just thought there was no hope for me. Having a workout program that I can do on my own time in my own home is incredible. Also, when I was trying to count calories, I was way off of what I was supposed to be on. The meal plan was easy to follow and walked me through everything. I also got to eat more food! 🙂 Shakeology was probably the game changer for me. I have a sweet tooth, and this tasted like dessert and helped keep me on track. It helps with a million different things that I am thankful for, but the most exciting to me was the energy that it gave me.

Me: What do you think your life would have looked like in 5 years had you not made any changes?

Sara: This makes me sad to say, but a terrible wife, mother and friend. 🙁 I was miserable before starting these programs, so I can only imagine how much worse it would have been. When you don’t feel good in your own skin, you come across as a miserable person. I felt lazy and had zero confidence. Believe it or not, not only have these programs helped get my body back, it has gotten me out of my comfort zone! 🙂

Me: What kept you going when things got difficult?

Sara: My “WHY”!!! I never lost sight of that. I wanted to be a good example for my kids. They tend to copy what you are doing and I wanted to be that role model for them. Also, my husband. He knew that I had hit rock bottom, so he wasn’t going to let me back out of it and give up; he is my rock. I also had clothes that I was determined to get back into. I would keep them in plain view, so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to get back to. I used to love shopping and hadn’t in years, so I so badly wanted to go buy a new wardrobe and be excited about it!

Me: How do you stay on track as a busy momma who works full time and doesn’t want to take time away from her family? How did you do it with two small children? Do you have any tips for other busy mommas who feel like they don’t have time?

Sara: When something is important, you find time for it. I would wait until the kids were in bed, or get up early before they woke up. That is what was awesome about working out at home, it didn’t take any time away from them. Sometimes on Saturdays I will wait on them, because they love to workout with me. As a mom, you need to make sure to find time for yourself. It is so important for you and your family.

Switching to this meal plan was one of the best things I could have done for my family. It has really taught us what and how much we should be eating. I am not that boxed mac and cheese mom anymore. My kids get the right nutrition, and that is so important to start and teach at an early age.

Me: What would you say to someone considering trying to start a program but is hesitant?

Sara: Why would you be hesitant? Everything about these programs is realistic and easy to follow. You can still eat normally, and go out to eat. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. Also, the workouts are on your own time, so you can fit this to your schedule and not miss out on family time. If you stick to it, you will see changes really fast. You are worth this!!!

There you have it! Sara’s story told from HER perspective. There’s no way I could have shared her story better than SHE COULD! If you can relate to Sara’s 21 Day Fix transformation story, PLEASE don’t keep hesitating and reach out to me! YOU ARE WORTH THIS! I will hold your hand every step of the way! You will NOT be on this journey alone, my friend. Fill out the quick application below and I’ll reach out to you. Stop hesitating on your future!

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