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21 Day Fix Transformation Story: Jenica Robinson :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

21 Day Fix Transformation Story: Jenica Robinson

21 day fix transformation jenica robinson

Hey friends! I’m so excited today! I have the honor of sharing my friend Jenica Robinson’s 21 Day Fix transformation story with you! Jenica and I met on Facebook years ago and she became one of my lovely clients. We’ve never even met in person but I pray that changes soon! 🙂 She has become such a great friend to me and I have LOVED watching her story unfold and her transformation take place. Jenica is married and I swear she works ALL THE TIME – but she made this happen, ya’ll! As you read her story, I want you to seriously picture yourself in her story if you can relate.

I asked Jenica to answer some questions for me so that I could share with you his story IN HER WORDS. Our hope is that her story touches you in some way and inspires you to either start or continue your own journey!

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Me: Was there a monumental moment in your life that made you realize you had to make some changes? What was the moment?

Jenica: Yes, in January 2012 I went for a well woman’s exam and was told I weighed 298 pounds. I had a meltdown right there, because I had been working out like crazy but still gaining weight (now I know that it was because my eating was not correct).

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Me: What programs/nutritionals did you use and for how long? How do you feel like they played a role in helping you in your transformation?

Jenica: I had followed the Atkins diet before, drinking lots of water, eating more salads, but no real program because I wanted to just live a healthier lifestyle. I just didn’t have the right tools.

21 Day Fix helped me so much with my portions and giving me a set list of what is approved and not approved. I quickly began noticing changes within my own eating habits as well as my now husband’s!!

Most recently I have completed my 1st round of 21 Day Fix Extreme and really LOVE the results!

Focusing on your nutrition and pushing through the workouts is all it takes! On top of enjoying my Shakeology every day, I really loved the Greens Boost, Energize to help through my workouts and the Focus Energy Boost kicked my crazy caffeine fix!

Eating more vegetables and fruits immediately helped to clear my skin of acne and I didn’t feel so puffy! Listening and following the other coaches with their recipes, tips and tricks also have helped tremendously!

Considering I had never really tried a program, I felt that all of my past attempts helped tremendously. I had not been able to follow through and see results before – so why not try this out and see where it can take me?

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Me: What do you think your life would have looked like in 5 years had you not made any changes?

Jenica: I am confident that without making the changes I have through working with you, I would be morbidly obese and most likely unable to continue my relationships due to confidence issues. I also do not think I would be able to work as positively as I do because of health issues, and unable to workout and live the healthier life I have now because of weight and being unhealthy. Most likely unable to have children as well (future goal).

Me: What kept you going when things got difficult?

Jenica: Remembering my WHY – Why I began this in the first place. To be a healthier me, to live a happy life and now to help others. I have so many people counting on me to do this and post every day. It has helped me 10-fold with making these dreams goals.

Me: How did you stay on track as such a busy person who has little to no spare time?

Jenica: Setting yourself as top priority. It seems selfish and to many it is just that, but without you taking care of yourself – everything else will begin to fail as well. Treat these workouts as appointments, your body as your engine and food/drinks to fuel it right.

13728285_10209713890022396_419008926_o (1)

Me: What would you say to someone considering trying to start their own 21 Day Fix transformation but is hesitant?

Jenica: When you feel it in your heart and soul, the time will be right. You can do anything you put your mind to, but have to be in the mindset to begin. Do not let others negativity or less will power steer you from making the best choices possible for yourself every day. Progress not perfection is key – Be ecstatic about any progress and fill your surroundings with positive people and items to keep you going every day.

Can she be any more inspiring?! Jenica’s story told from HER own perspective. There’s no way I could have shared her story better than SHE COULD! If you can relate to Jenica’s 21 Day Fix transformation story, PLEASE don’t keep hesitating and reach out to me! YOU ARE WORTH THIS! I will hold your hand every step of the way! You will NOT be on this journey alone, my friend. Fill out the quick application below and I’ll reach out to you. Stop hesitating on your future!

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