Client Testimonials


“I have really enjoyed working with Whitney over these last couple months. Who would’ve thought that liking her page would lead to joining a challenge that would then lead to getting so much information about becoming the me that I want to be through diet and exercise. The Shakeology shakes have helped me feel like I’m making positive progress in this weight loss journey. Whitney’s daily Facebook posts have been a great motivation. She’s been great at checking on my progress and cheering me on or offering help. Too bad she doesn’t live closer because I think she would make a great workout partner!!!”

– Katrina Bennett, Millbrook, AL

“I am glad that I meet Whitney through Facebook.
She was stranger to me but that has not stopped her from being supportive. I am thankful that she introduced me to Beachbody. I love the variety of workouts that they offer. I feel better than I have in years thanks to the Shakelology! I am no longer run down by the end of the day. I have the energy to put into those workouts. Whitney has introduced me to several support groups that are very motivating. She is always quick to answer all my questions and checks in with me. I see her not only as a coach but as a friend now as well.”

– Kristie Hardy, Sandy, UT

I have struggled with being unhealthy and overweight all my life. I have tried many diets and spent countless hours in the gym without seeing the results I wanted. I have never felt comfortable in clothes unless they were baggy and hid what I was ashamed of. I wasted so much time worrying about how I look and what others will think of my apperance. I remember being made fun of at school for being fat as far back as first grade picture day. All of that changed just a few months ago…I learned about clean eating and don’t see myself ever eating any other way. Shakeology has been my healthiest meal of the day, every day and I have been rocking my most favorite workout, Turbo Fire since I was introduced to Beach Body by my friend Whitney. I have so much more confidence than I ever have before. I have made a lifstyle change that I am so excited about and can’t wait to share with others. Everyone deserves to feel this great! I would not be in the best shape I’ve ever been in, with the lowest blood pressure, or as happy as I am without Whitney’s help. Thank you girl!”

– Tanya Mari, Rockford, IL

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