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Team Anchors of Hope

When I started my Beachbody Coaching business in January 2013, I had no idea the vision that I would create over the next few years. A vision stirred within me for 3 years before I founded what is now “Anchors of Hope.” I always wanted my team name to represent my purpose in life, which I feel is being strong, steadfast, and adding HOPE to others. The anchor represents being strong, steadfast, and is a symbol of hope. Our team is growing rapidly and if you’re someone who loves giving hope to others in a world that has become so dark, then keep reading. 🙂

Who makes a good Coach on Team Anchors of Hope?

Those who…

– are on a journey to health, or want to start their journey to health and need accountability
– are looking for a community of positive people to surround themselves with
– want to live a balanced life while being successful
– want to have more FREEDOM in their life
– love the idea of being able to be a catalyst in changing someone else’s LIFE
– are team players
– understand that with success, comes hard work – but that it can be FUN! 🙂
– want to be fulfilled in their work
– find encouragement in their faith

If this sounds like YOU, apply below and I will contact you soon!

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