Switching Coaches

If you’ve ordered anything from Team Beachbody in the past you probably already have an account, and chances are you’ve already been assigned a coach. If you have never established a relationship with your assigned coach, or maybe you’ve reached out to him or her and haven’t felt supported, you might be thinking it’s time for a switch.

Many people don’t know they have a coach at all, or just want to choose one whose values and personality fits theirs a little better. Well, it is easy to switch coaches, and if you would like, it would be my absolute honor to help you!

To switch coaches, simply EMAIL ME, and provide me with these 3 things:

Your first and last name.
The email address attached to your account (this is how Beachbody can identify you).
Tell me a little about your story! I’d love to hear what motivates you and a bit of your background.

And that’s it! I look forward to hearing from you!

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