13 (Quick) Healthy Snacks For Toddlers

Healthy Snacks For Toddlers

As a stay at home Mom I would love to think I have it all figured out, but let’s be real we’re all flying by the seat of our pants. We’re busy, we’re tired, and sometimes we need a little help. Am I right?! One thing I have struggled with is snack time! I know its easy to grab a pre-packaged snack from the pantry, but I want my daughter to develop healthy habits. Also, let be real, I am on a health journey and would like to avoid extra temptations!

After some research and taking into consideration what I know about nutrition, I have compiled a list of 13 (quick) healthy snacks for toddlers (and Mom)!

  1. Smoothies- Kids love smoothies too, especially in the summer. It’s a super quick way to get a lot of dense nutrients into their diets.
  2. Fresh fruit- Always a favorite. I like to chop a lot of fruit up all at once so its easier/quicker when it comes to snack time. Remember to purchase what is in season for your area to reduce overall cost!
  3. Fresh veggies- Another easy snack to prep in advance, I love baby carrots because the work is done for me. Again, purchase what is in season for your area.
  4. Healthy baked goods (e.g., banana bread, zucchini muffins, etc.)- If you have some time (funny, I know) this is a great option as most baked goods will keep for several days. But be sure to purchase ingredients low in sugar.
  5. (Home made) Sweet potato chips- A great source of fiber and potassium.
  6. Nut butter and rice cakes- When in a pinch, add a little nut butter to a rice cake and off you go.
  7. Hard boiled eggs- Easy to prep and easy to take on the go!
  8. Hummus- You can have hummus with veggies, crackers, or pita bread. Now there is a variety of flavors to choose from, but be sure to read the nutrition label for hidden sugar! Or you could make you’re own.
  9. Jam and graham crackers- This snack is a little high in sugar but delicious in moderation. There are great natural options too, that don’t have ADDED sugars.
  10. Cucumber boats with yogurt sauce- I love this because it makes snack time fun! You can add whatever you would like to the boat yogurt sauce and hummus are my faves.
  11. Crackers topped with cranberries and (thin) apple slices- Here you can experiment, add what ever toppings you prefer. Literally, the options are endless!
  12. Quinoa and brown rice- This is another super quick and easy to make in bulk. I am telling you, your crock pot will be your best friend for this. Again, this is quick but not ideal on the go.
  13. Avocado- Either sliced on placed on crackers and rice cakes or smashed like guacamole to use for dipping!

I hope this list helps y’all with some ideas for healthy snacks for toddlers. Feel free to share your go to snacks in the comments!

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