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Fun Exercises You Can Do With Baby

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If you’re the mommy to a young baby, you might think that you don’t have time for exercise anymore. You have to change baby’s diapers, prepare baby’s milk formula or breastfeed, and everything else! It’s understandable; you can’t leave baby alone. But you don’t have to sacrifice exercise, because there are exercises you can do with your baby!

Multitasking move

First, make sure to put down a blanket for you and your baby. Lie down on the blanket on your left side, with your baby beside you. Prop your body up on your left forearm and place your right leg on top of your left, with your right arm resting over your hip. Then, lift your hips off the ground by shifting your body’s weight to your left arm and shoulder. You should now be in side plank position. While in this position, extend your right arm over your head with your palm facing down. Hold this pose before returning your arm to resting on your hip. After doing this for 10 repetitions, switch sides and do the same exercise!

This exercise will help you improve your sense of balance, while strengthening your hips. And best of all is you don’t have to take your eyes off your little sweetie the whole time!

Booty Lifter

Another exercise you can do is the booty lifter. Lie flat on your stomach with your chin resting on your hands in front of you. Place your baby where you can see him/her, most preferably within reach of your hands. Bend your legs into a 90-degree angle, then slowly lift your knees off the blanket while keeping your feet flexed and squeezing your legs together. Hold this position for 20 seconds and sing to baby while you’re at it! Return to your starting position and repeat this exercise 5 times.

The booty lifter will tone your lower body, giving you the body you’ve always wanted. More than that, it will help to develop your growing bond with your baby!

Front Carrier Squats

Place your baby in a front carrier and carry him/her while standing. Or if baby is too heavy, sit him/her on the ground at your feet. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with toes turned slightly outwards. Inhale and lower your body, as if you’re standing in an imaginary chair. Make sure to keep your weight on your heels with your tailbone pointed straight to the floor. Exhale while returning to your starting position, and do this for 12 repetitions.

Squats promote mobility and balance while burning off calories for a slimmer body. They build your leg muscles and tone your butt and abs. Because you’ll be carrying baby the whole time, it will make you feel closer to your baby!

High-chair Lunges

First, put your baby in a high-chair or stroller. Facing your baby, put your hands on your waist and bring your left foot back around 3 feet behind you. Bend both your legs until your right thigh is parallel to the ground, then slowly return to your standing position.

This exercise strengthens the leg muscles while keeping your baby entertained! Make funny faces at your little cutie to make him/her smile!

Do you have any fun exercises that you do with your baby? Please share!

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