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Homemade Baked Christmas Gift Recipes :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

Homemade Baked Christmas Gift Recipes


Homemade Baked Christmas Gift Recipes


Post warning: These recipes are NOT healthy!! 😉 But in all things, there should be moderation… that is my belief. I don’t do clean eating 100% of the time, and neither does anyone in my family. Let’s just be realistic, and enjoy our treats sometimes. <3  


They say Christmas is the merriest and most wonderful time of the year. However, to many of us the season of sharing is nothing but stressful! This isn’t all that surprising, because there are certainly many things to be worried about this holiday season. There’s the guest list for your big Christmas party, the outfit you’re planning to buy for your work party, and of course, the presents for your friends and family!

Christmas gift-shopping doesn’t have to be stressful! If you want to get your loved ones something intimate and thoughtful, but you’re worried you don’t have the time to make personalized Christmas gifts, worry no more!


Below is a list of easy and baked homemade meals you can make and give as Christmas gifts:

Tea Cookies


For a homemade treat that even the little ones won’t be able to resist, whip up some tea cookies! These cookies are sure to hit all the right sweet spots. Store them in cute Christmas-themed boxes with snowflake patterns for some extra holiday cheer! Get the easy recipe here.


Gingerbread Animals


This recipe gets its inspiration from the traditional gingerbread man. However, instead of the gingerbread man, what you should make this Christmas are some gingerbread animals! For added fun, get the hubby and the kids and get creative with the animal shapes and colors together! You can find the recipe here.


Mini Country Loaves


Maybe you’re tired of giving all your relatives fruitcake for Christmas, so why don’t you skip the fruitcake and make them some mini country loaves this time? This combination of homemade, fluffy white bread and smooth butter is sure to be a hit with everyone! Find the recipe for the cute little loaves here.

If you’re feeling up to the task, you can make your own butter as well! Complete your homemade mini country loaves with homemade butter! The very easy-to-follow recipe for butter is here.


Tart Cherry and Dark Chocolate Bars


Chocolate is a perfect gift for any season of the year. Make your chocolate gifts more special this Christmas by making them yourself! These chocolate bars have tart cherries hiding in the center, bringing out the rich and earthy taste of dark chocolate. Get the recipe here.


Sugar Cookie Buttons


There’s nothing quite as good as these buttery delights! To make them as adorable as a button, thread a ribbon through the buttonholes and drop them in a papier-mâché box. Find the recipe for these cute cookies here.


Mini Brie and Jam Pies


If baking normal-sized pies for every relative is too much of a hassle, go for these mini brie and jam pies! These baked pies are layered with raspberry preserve and stuffed with gooey cheese. If you don’t have time to visit your friends yet, don’t worry! These pies can be chilled in the fridge for up to three days! Find the recipe here.


Microwave Caramels


Christmas is for candies! Go back to the basics and make your friends these sticky and rich caramel candies. For extra flavor, add a sprinkle of sea salt! Get the recipe here.


Now, who is heading to the grocery store to get some goodies for baking?! Channel your Martha Stewart and get cooking! <3


And if you have a recipe that you LOVE, share it in the comments!

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