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Christmas Gifts for Your Fit Friends :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition

Christmas Gifts for Your Fit Friends


Best Christmas Gifts for Your Fit Friends

Christmas is the season for sharing and caring, and what better way to show someone that you care than with a Christmas gift that will get them moving? Below is a list of gift ideas that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, so your loved ones can have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time even for the rest of the year!

Running Shoes

When it comes to losing weight, running is an awesome solution! Running as an exercise is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories and it is time-efficient, too! Even jogging for just 30 minutes will already burn 300 calories! Aside from this, running is pretty cheap. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a pair of trusty running shoes. Give one of your beloved friends the gift of a pair of running shoes, and watch as she becomes the one to invite you for a run!


Go the extra mile and give your loved ones a pedometer to go with their running shoes! A pedometer is a small device that can count the number of steps that you take, as well as the distance you’ve covered in that time. Some pedometers can even display the amount of calories you’ve burned! There are tons of pedometer apps available for your phone, but nothing beats having the actual gadget in your pocket and having that little weight motivate to run even further!

Shaker Bottle

A shaker bottle is perfect for mixing protein drinks and other supplement drinks, such as Shakeology. It’s also perfect for the on-the-go friend who’s always out and about. Make sure your friend doesn’t compromise her health for her work or her studies by getting her a shaker bottle, so she always has a nutritious drink whatever the time and wherever the place!

Yoga Mat

Yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline that began in ancient India. Today, it’s a widely popular practice in the Western world, with a receptive audience numbering in the millions, and for a good reason, too. Yoga is known to increase flexibility, muscle strength, and vitality. It can help with reducing weight, and even with improving cardio and circulatory health. By getting your friends or family a yoga mat, you are introducing them to the world of yoga, and making sure they can do yoga in the park with their friends, or even at home, with you!

Balance Board

A balance board, which looks like a skateboard, is an inexpensive wooden device that has many uses. Because it’s very easy to use, children play with this device for recreation. However, adults usually use it for balance training and athletic training. Also known as a wobble board, the balance board will help you coordinate your body and improve your body’s reaction time. Aside from this, it strengthens your ankles to prevent injuries such as sprains. Children and adults alike are sure to be happy if they receive a gift like this from you.

Do you have any ideas that I may have missed? Please share with everyone in the comments!

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