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5 Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
5 Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays

5 Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays

5 Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays

Christmas is here and you’ve got all the gatherings coming up, and it’s so easy to just throw your hands up and coast these last few weeks of the year, isn’t it? You can just get back on track for the New Year. You’ll likely only “fluff up” a little, but who cares? It’s hoodie season anyway, right?

Here’s the thing .. It’s not about the number on the scale, the weight you gain, or how you look in family photos. Staying on track with your health goals is about how you feel throughout the holidays…. How confident you feel in your skin while you’re gathering with loved ones, and the energy your food choices give you to be present and savor every moment with your kids. How you feel on the inside truly makes all the difference in the memories that will stay with you forever. I know how it feels to feel weighed down, stuffed to the gills, and regretful of how I spent my energy, so I have 5 easy tips to share that will help you focus on your health journey through this sweet season with your family and stay on track during the holidays.

1. Move your body.
Make it a priority to devote 30 minutes of your morning working up a sweat. When you start your day focusing on loving your body well, the rush of endorphins sets the precedence for making healthy choices throughout the day. When you start your day with a good workout, you’re more likely to be encouraged to keep up that momentum of feeling great for the rest of the day.

2. Bring a healthy dish.
My family tends to lean toward more comfort foods at our gatherings, and don’t get me wrong, I love homemade Mac ‘n Cheese just as much as the next person, but I know that if I don’t bring a clean side dish to balance my meal, I probably won’t get it in. Here’s a great list of healthy side dishes you can whip up and bring to Christmas Eve dinner:

3. Drink Shakeology before you go.
I repeat: Don’t show up to the gathering famished. Get a good, solid, nutrient dense shake down the hatch before you go, and you’ll be so much less likely to over indulge! Check out this delicious holiday shake recipe you can eat:

4. Have a bite of that pie and move on.
I don’t know about you, but deprivation isn’t my thing.. I don’t do well when I’m told I can’t have something, and the truth is, a piece of family tradition and your favorite blueberry cobbler isn’t going to derail you. It’s when you have a huge slice and go for seconds, and “Ah, what the heck, might as well throw in a cupcake and a few cookies too,” that you lose control. No, girl. You run this. Fill up on your healthy veggies and protein first, and then enjoy a small piece of decadence, and stop there. You will be left feeling satisfied and in control. It’s so rewarding when you make those hard choices for yourself!

5. Give yourself grace.
Your worth is never measured by your eating choices or how much you weigh. This isn’t about keeping up with any certain number or illusion of what everyone thinks healthy looks like. This is about feeling amazing in your own skin, making intentional choices that will lead you in the direction you’re headed, and allowing yourself peace of mind through these times with loved ones that truly nourish the soul. Remember that perfection is elusive, and if things don’t go as planned, brush your shoulder off and carry on. Chug all the water, wake up tomorrow, get your workout in, and give it another go.

It’s always the consistent actions that leave the lasting results. I hope these quick tips help keep you on track with your health and fitness. Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year. May 2020 bring you all the joy and success, in your overall wellness, and in your life as a whole.


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