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6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout :: Online Fitness Coach
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6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Do you constantly struggle with trying to find ways to stay motivated to workout? I think we all do! You may think that as a Beachbody Coach, that I am ALWAYS excited to workout… and that is simply not the case. So, just like you, I am always looking for ways to stay motivated to get my workout in. So how have I managed to stick with a regular workout regimen for over two years?

6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout:

Change your MIND.

You may be thinking, what does your MIND have to do with staying motivated to workout? Actually, it has a LOT to do with it! Think of it like this – if you dread working out because you see it as a form of punishment because you dislike the way you look on the outside, will that make you want to workout or will that make you want to curl in a ball in your sweats on the couch? Instead of seeing it as a form of punishment, try viewing your workouts as a REWARD to yourself because you LOVE your body and want to keep it healthy! I promise, as soon as you change your mind to this way of thinking about your workouts, things will change. 🙂

Schedule it.

I don’t know if you typically schedule any part of your day, but scheduling your workouts is super important! Pretend that your workout is a very important appointment with someone you highly respect – YOURSELF! You would never skip a meeting with someone very important…so don’t treat this any differently. You will be so glad you got your workout in when you feel the positive vibes you get afterwards.

Find a workout you actually enjoy.

If you typically are unmotivated to get your workout in, take a closer look at WHAT workout you’re doing. Are you following a program you enjoy? Or are you either not following a program at all or following one you don’t like to do? I remember years ago when I started the INSANITY workout. I only made it about 30 days into the program, because I absolutely hated it! So many people love INSANITY but it just was not the workout for me. About a year later, I started one called COMBAT at home. Now THIS one was my style! I stuck with the program for the full 60 days no problems, because I was excited to do the workout. If you need help finding the perfect program for YOU, please CONTACT me.

Join a support group.

Joining a support group in the past was limited to who you could find in your town that happened to be doing the same workout and could do it at the same time, but NOW times are different! With the workout I loved doing that I mentioned above, COMBAT, I was also in an amazing support group. This support group was excited to hear from me each day and would not hesitate to check in with me if I did not check in as I had promised! This kept me accountable to my goals, and is exactry how I was able to lose weight – FINALLY! Since I had great success, I now pay it forward and host my own group every month. If you’d like to read more about it and apply to join the next, please visit this page: Drop the Pounds in 30 Days Accountability Group

Pick up some cute new workout clothes.

New workout clothes that you love can be super motivating…because you’ll be HAPPY to put them on and wear them! I recently went shopping with a giftcard I received for Christmas and I had so much fun picking out lots of new workout gear. Pick bright, fun colors to brighten your mood and make you excited to wear them. Wearing the same old workout clothes day after day likely won’t motivate you very much. {Tip} On a budget? I enjoy checking out the workout gear whenever I go into a Ross store. If you have a store like Ross or Marshall’s in your area, check them out! Their workout gear is TREMENDOUSLY cheaper than anywhere else I have seen. I’m talking Nike shorts for $7 instead of $60 (which is ridiculous)!

Don’t be afraid to take a short break.

All too often, we start new workout programs and are going really strong towards the finish line and we completely lose motivation. At times, complete loss of motivation can be a sign from your body that it needs to rest. If you try all of the above tips, and simply can’t get that motivation, take a few days off. Allow your body a break so that it can have the chance to MISS exercise and be ready to jump back in. 🙂 I also do a program with my clients that is a 21 day detox program – on this detox, you will not be exercising because it would be too hard on your body. It will rejunivate you and massively increase your energy, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. You will also lose weight and it is 100% natural. The program has also been studied extensively and is clinically proven. If you’d like to learn about that, please check it out here: 21 Day Reset

Well friends, I hope that these tips are helpful! If you have other suggestions, please leave me a comment below. I’d love if you would share with your friends! 🙂

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