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TurboFire Results: Rose Nation

TurboFire results

I’d like to introduce you to Rose Nation: she has inspired me ever since I met her and saw her amazing TurboFire results! As a fellow TurboFire lover who also had amazing results with the program, I was stoked to see that she did too. She became a part of one of my team’s challenge groups and I was able to witness her transformation. This girl is amazing! She is the definition of dedication and determination; I’m happy she is allowing me to share her story with you!

I had a few questions for Rose when we were chatting a few weeks ago about her transformation, and I want to share her answers with you! You’ll learn what results she expected when started TurboFire, what her TurboFire results actually were, what kept her going, and more!

I asked Rose:

Why did you decide to do TurboFire? What results were you hoping for? What were your actual results with this program?

“I decided to do TurboFire because I was inactive for 13 years and didn’t think I would have been able to do an extreme workout program like Insanity or Combat which were the programs my coach spoke to me about. I got on YouTube and already in a decided frame of mind to get my health back I searched on other BB programs.. Slim 6 was a bit mellow for me and then I saw TurboFire. I looked at my husband and said ‘this I can do’. The next day I bought it through my coach. It arrived July 9th which was when I started. I was so out of it and my husband did it with me and seeing him heaving as much as me made us laugh. but next day I was at it again and again. My results were more than I was expecting… I thought I would maybe lose 10-15 pounds; Instead I lost 63 pounds and 18 inches all around!”

How long did it take for you to start seeing results?

“I started seeing results within my first 2 weeks. But I started feeling healthier within the first 4 days – More energy. The will/want to get up and do stuff was a huge wow factor for me. because being 305 pounds after giving birth to the twins, I felt so disgusted with myself. Once I started doing TurboFire I knew deep down inside I COULD DO IT…”

Did you have any difficulties following the program or feeling hungry?

I am not very coordinated so doing it for the first week I knew I looked funny as heck… but I got better as I went along and now I can do them without modifying. No difficulties following the program … I fell in love with it and Chalene’s ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ attitude.”

Did you have other positive changes like increased energy or more restful sleep?

“I followed the Meal plan to the T so I was not hungry and I drank Shakeology which curbed whatever craving I had…
Positive changes many – Increased energy, comfortable in my own skin, being able to buy clothes and not feel unattractive, more active with all my 6 kids… I can go on and on how my TurboFire results have helped me.”

What advice do you have for people who are considering TurboFire? Any tips for success or for sticking to the plan?

“My Advice… DO IT… don’t get down or set back if you can’t move as fast as her! Believe me at 305 pounds I didn’t look cute bouncing and kicking… but the results will come and when they do you start wanting to do it again and again you begin to count the minutes until your next workout just because you know it works.”

Would you do it again?

“100% I would do it again I still do TurboFire… and if it were not for TurboFire, my husband would never have gotten the desire to get into shape.”

I hope that Rose’s story inspires at least ONE person! If it inspires one person to make a positive change, then that is a huge success! Just know that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO- you have the ability deep within you to achieve your goals. <3

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