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How to Set New Years Resolutions That Stick

how to set new years resolutions that stick

As you have probably experienced in the past, New Years Resolutions are typically not kept. Two or three weeks into the new year, and most people have long forgotten about the resolutions they have set. As a bit of good news, however, I can share that my own personal resolution for the year 2013 DID happen – I stuck with that resolution for the entire year and lost the weight that had been holding me down for so long. Not only did I keep the weight off for that year, but we are heading into 2015 and I have maintained the lifestyle that I began that year.

How to Set New Years Resolutions That Stick

With that being said, I do feel confident enough in my ability to now guide others on how to set New Years Resolutions that stick, and hope to provide you with some helpful tips that you can put into practice this year. Maybe you will decide to work with me one-on-one in one of my upcoming accountability groups to get the support you need (the next begins January 12th). If you are looking to join me for that, be sure to apply here ASAP, as the DEADLINE for sign-ups is January 5th!

So, how do you stick with those New Years Resolutions?

1. Really think about and determine WHY you want to reach this particular resolution.

Every single time someone comes to me looking for help on their fitness journey, I ask a LOT of questions. The reason I ask so many questions is because I need to help that person find their “WHY” – the emotional connection and reason why they want to reach that particular resolution. In my experience, without a deeply rooted WHY, resolutions typically don’t happen. But when you have a strong WHY, you stick with it until you reach that resolution…the HOW doesn’t matter.

2. Envision yourself having reached your resolution very frequently.

If you’ve ever read any personal development or self-help books, you likely have heard the phrase “you become what you think about.” I can say that this is very true. If you constantly have your mind envisioning yourself having reached your resolution, your actions will naturally follow a pattern that will help you reach that resolution. In comparison, if you constantly are telling yourself that your resolution is impossible or you will never achieve it, then your actions will follow and you likely will be correct in saying it will never happen. You just won’t stick with it if you don’t envision yourself sticking with it.

3. Honestly BELIEVE that you can stick with your resolution, even if it is the first time.

You can make New Years Resolutions all day long, but if you truly don’t believe in yourself that you can stick with the resolution, then you won’t. You absolutely HAVE to believe in yourself. If you struggle with believing in yourself, take some time daily to remind yourself of your strengths and abilities and how capable you are. When setbacks happen or we get in a rut, these affirmations will be what help pull you out. Most of the time when we don’t believe we can achieve something, it is because we simply have irrational thoughts running through our minds. Again, these affirmations will help you remember that you are capable and CAN do this.

I’d love to hear: what is YOUR 2015 New Years Resolution? Please share!

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