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My PiYo Results and Meal Plan: Week 6

piyo results and meal plan

Happy Monday!! I am FINALLY back with the PiYo results and meal plan posts, and I just finished up week 6!! I have been loving this program so far, and I cannot believe that it is almost finished. I haven’t decided if I will do another round of only PiYo, or if I will mix it in with something else. I do miss weight training, even though PiYo is sculpting my arms like crazy considering I haven’t lifted a weight in over a month and a half! My back pain is still mostly non-existent except on days when I mistakenly have gluten. Gluten is a sneaky critter, seriously! It is in so many things that you just wouldn’t think it was in. It was even in my yogurt the other day, disguised as “barley malt.” OOPS.

Besides that, I am getting so much stronger!!! It is still very hard for me to lose weight, because of how much I have already lost. I think I am about done with losing, but I’m not sure. I try not to be a slave to the scale, because that is a terrible feeling… to feel like your life depends on that number that flashes up at you is not healthy!! My body transforms with every program I do, and with this one I am gaining muscle in my arms and legs.

I’m opening up a BRAND NEW support group starting September 1st, and I will post about that tomorrow. Spots will be limited so I can help everyone to the best of my ability, and it will be unlike a group I’ve ever done. Perhaps you’d like to join us with PiYo, or a different program? I’d love to have you, so keep your eyes open for that announcement!

As usual, here is a copy of my meal plan that I followed this week.

PiYo results and meal plan

Click here to download and print a copy of my PiYo Meal Plan!

If you have already started PiYo, I’d love to hear how you are doing! Let me know in the comments. And if you have started but would like the extra support of a coach and a challenge group, message me – it is free. I’d love to help you. <3 If you'd like to join me in your own PiYo journey, click HERE to purchase your kit, and I will be in touch ASAP! 🙂 Spaces are limited!

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