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My PiYo Results and Meal Plan: Week 2

PiYo Results and Meal Plan

Happy Wednesday, friends!! I’m so excited to talk to you today. I wanted to post this earlier in the week but I have been sick and haven’t had a moment to do so yet. 🙂 I had an awesome second week of PiYo and being gluten and dairy free. I did screw up one day and have gluten, on purpose (gasp! stupid decision), I still made it through the week successfully and will share with you what I learned from that experience. So now it is time that I share my PiYo results and meal plan for last week. 🙂

PiYo results and meal plan

If you are searching for some meal plan ideas before starting your PiYo journey, I hope that this helps you.

So as I mentioned in my first paragraph, I did make the stupid mistake of having gluten once this week. I had weighed myself Wednesday and I was one additional pound down! Then Thursday evening I went with my husband to watch him play softball. We went out to eat prior to his game, and I KNOWINGLY surrendered to temptation and had a plate of fried yuck. It wasn’t even that good, and it was stupid of me to do that. Needless to say, this fried yuck contained gluten. I immediately felt “heavy” after eating it, and had zero energy. Later that night, my stomach was hurting SO BAD, and I just felt sick. Friday morning when I weighed, I was 5 pounds heavier than the day before. Obviously this wasn’t fat gain, but gluten seriously must make me retain water or something. I felt like a balloon. And almost a week later, I STILL haven’t been able to get all the way back down to what I weighed before that meal.

In addition, last week I had mentioned how this workout and being gluten free had seemed to help my back pain… well the day after this meal, I woke up and had the worst back pain I have had in weeks. Coincidence? I don’t know.

The workouts are still challenging and I am still loving my support group and how we are all there for each other. You simply cannot beat the support of a Challenge Group. Here are a couple of my favorite PiYo moves from last week and some testimonials from our group!

PiYo results and meal plan

PiYo results and meal plan

PiYo results and meal plan

PiYo results and meal plan

As promised, here is a copy of my meal plan that I followed this week. Meal planning and proper preparation are probably 80% of the weight loss battle, because you cannot out-train a bad diet. I will be providing more of these recipes soon, so that you can follow the meal plan exactly if you feel like it!

PiYo results and meal plan

Click here to download and print a copy of my PiYo Meal Plan!

If you have already started PiYo, I’d love to hear how your first week went! Let me know in the comments. And if you have started but would like the extra support of a coach and a challenge group, message me – it is free. I’d love to help you. <3 If you'd like to join me in your own PiYo journey, click HERE to purchase your kit, and I will be in touch ASAP! 🙂 Spaces are limited!

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