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My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan: Week 1

My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan

If you’re looking for accountability during your 21 Day Fix journey, please Contact me and we will chat! Can’t wait to help you.

So if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I’ve started the new 21 Day Fix program. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is a 21 day program revolving around portion control, quick but very efficient workouts and a super simple meal plan to follow. This is a no brainer guys; the program literally gives you a list of different foods, and you pick and choose what you like, and if it fits into the appropriate container, you eat it! No measuring cups, food scales or calorie counting are involved here, which is why I love it. I totally struggle with portion control, and I think a lot of others do as well which is why this program has blown off the shelves over and over again since its release. Life is busy, and so many of us don’t have the extra time it takes to hassle with counting calories, measuring food on scales and working out for 1-2 hours a day – problem solved!

My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan
My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan

I want to share with you my 21 Day Fix results and meal plans each week so that you can get a glimpse into the program if you’re interested but wanting to learn more about it before you jump in. When you start, you do a little formula in the book to discover what calorie range you fall within. I fell within the lowest category (1200 – 1499 daily), which means each day I can have the following containers:

3 green (veggies)
1 blue (healthy fats)
2 purple (fruits)
4 red (protein)
2 yellow (carbs)
1 orange (seeds & oils)
2 teaspoon (nut butters, etc)

That’s a lot of food, right?! It is amazing the quantity of food you can have when you’re eating healthier options.

One thing I realized this first week was that I had been GROSSLY OVERESTIMATING my food portions. My previous portions of healthy fats, for example avocado, was an ENTIRE AVOCADO! The proper portion I should have been eating is ¼ cup. So this first week I battled some fatigue as my body became accustomed to the smaller portions and detoxing from the crap I’d been putting in my body like salt, sugar, too much fats. By the end of the week though, no more fatigue!!!Another thing I realized was I was eating way TOO MANY CARBS!

My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan

I planned out my entire week of foods on Sunday evening, for a start on Monday. I saved it in a spreadsheet I could access from my computer or my phone to make it easy (Google Drive) to access during the day! See below to view my spreadsheet. 🙂 You can be much more creative in your meals that I was; I am a boring meal maker. LOL!

My 21 Day Fix Meal Plan: Week 1

I haven’t measured after week one, but I did weigh and I am down 4 pounds. YAY! I can literally feel that my stomach has gotten smaller though, because I had become very bloated from the crap I had been eating.

And about those workouts… they surely aren’t easy! I don’t know what I was expecting, but I really struggled the first few days but I finished! I followed the modifier when I was struggling with the moves and did my best. As the week went on I could already feel myself getting stronger. Never give up – keep pushing!

If you’re looking for accountability during your 21 Day Fix journey, please Contact me and we will chat! Can’t wait to help you.

My 21 Day Fix Results and Meal Plan

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