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Is the P90 Workout Right for Me? :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
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Is the P90 Workout Right for Me?

is the p90 workout right for me

One thing we can all agree on is that hardcore workouts are not for everybody. I was so excited to hear about the introduction of P90 to our availability because while INSANITY and the P90x series are excellent workouts, they are too intense for some! Whether you used to be in shape and feel fitness is now out of your reach, or you’ve never worked out a day in your life, the P90 workout is your easy-to-follow way to lose substantial weight, have the energy to run and play with your kids or grandkids, and feel better in everything you do — without the agony of high-intensity exercise. So in case you’re asking yourself, “Is the P90 Workout Right for Me?” – I have your answer. 🙂

You’ve been injured in the past and need to work back up to high-intensity exercise.”

P90 is designed to be lower in impact and intensity than Tony Horton’s other fitness programs, and every move in the program can be further modified.

You used to be in shape but aren’t anymore.

P90 is sequenced into three building-block phases and leads you back to the body you want, step-by-step.

You’re totally new to fitness.

That’s ok! P90 features routines that are simple, doable, and less extreme than some of the other programs, such as P90x. P90 is your gateway to getting fit – no matter your age or current fitness level.

You’re worried about being thrown into intense workouts immediately.

No worries! P90 eases you into the habit of daily exercise and gradually builds up as you become READY.

Want to see a clip about the program? Check it out below!

I had the opportunity to try this workout at our yearly and it was incredible…it created a sweat but didn’t kill me.

Check out some of the amazing transformations from the P90 test group. <3 is the p90 workout right for me

Like Tony says in the video…It’s YOUR turn! I offer very extensive and personal support to my clients for free, and I would be honored to help you through this program.

If you feel READY to get started on your own journey, click the banner below. You’ll hear from me soon. <3

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

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