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T25 and Insanity Results: Meet Amber Buysse

insanity results
I’d like to introduce you to Amber Buysse: she has inspired me ever since I met her! She became a part of one of my team’s challenge groups and I was able to witness her transformation. This girl is amazing! She is the definition of dedication and determination; I’m happy she is allowing me to share her story with you!

I had a few questions for Amber when we were chatting last week, and I want to share her answers with you! You’ll learn what results she expected when starting Insanity, what her Insanity results actually were, tips for beginners, and more!

I asked Amber:

Why did you decide to do Insanity and then T25? What results were you hoping for?

“Insanity was my first program; I decided to take it on because I wanted to prove to myself I could follow through with something I said I was going to do for once. I was lacking motivation and really needed to lose the extra 50lbs I had put on with my second pregnancy. I was at my heaviest weight I have ever been at, and I was just unhappy with how I looked and how that in turn made me feel. I was ready to make a change! After my amazing Insanity results and doing two rounds of it I decided I would take on T25 and loved it!”

What were your actual results with these programs?

“My results were great! My first round of Insanity, I only lost 13lbs, however I lost almost as many inches just in my waistline!! My second round I lost another 10lbs and probably another total 10-12 inches around my body. With T25 I lost another 15lbs and really started to build muscle in my arms and back, my legs got leaner and my overall stamina improved significantly.”

How long did it take for you to start seeing results?

“With Insanity it was probably after the first 4 weeks that I started to actually see physical changes, but after the first 2 weeks I noticed how much easier it was for me to keep up with the people on the DVD. If I needed a break I’d stop, shake it off, get some water and get back at it!! With T25 I started seeing changes in those first 2-4 weeks mostly in my legs and arms and how much slimmer and leaner they were becoming.”

Did you have any difficulties following the program or feeling hungry?

“I think for me, starting out on this journey, having been very out of shape and a former smoker and having those bad eating habits, made the first 2 weeks the hardest. My body wasn’t used to all of that activity and the major change of going from sitting on the couch to crazy Shaun T cardio! I played sports like softball in high school, but I was very much out of shape and my body had to adjust to that change. But I fought through it and it got EASIER! And I also preparing healthier meals and planning out what I was going to eat every week wasn’t as hard as I thought it was!”

Did you have other positive changes like increased energy or more restful sleep?

“All of the above! When I started I had a 2 month old newborn and a 3 1/2 yr old I was taking care of by myself, my boyfriend was still away at undergraduate school finishing up his last semester there so I was still kind of doing it all single mom style. I was trying to finish up school myself and had an internship to be at every day Monday-Friday from 8:30-5 and had to have the kids off to daycare by 7:30 so, I would be up at 5am getting my workout in and I had energy that lasted me all day! I didn’t crash once, and I usually didn’t get to bed till 10 or 11 at night!! I still felt rested enough every day to get up at 5 to get my workout done. I made it a priority.”

What advice do you have for people who are considering one of these workouts? Any tips for success or for sticking to the plan?

“I would say first, choose a program that works FOR YOU. Insanity and T25 aren’t for everyone and if you choose a program that doesn’t work for your needs or becomes too challenging, you’re more likely to fail. DO YOUR RESEARCH! There’s so many different programs to choose from, start out with something you know you can do and that will keep you interested, then start working your way up from there!

Tips I have would be:
1. Make YOUR HEALTH A PRIORITY- I know from experience, especially when you’re a parent, it can be hard to put yourself first a lot of the time and that’s how things can get out of hand. You have to realize to really be there for your children and family you have to take care of yourself too, that’s the first step.

2. FOLLOW THE MODIFIER – don’t start out balls to the wall trying to do the same intensity as the people on the program. Most of these programs DO have a modifier. Follow that person and work your way up. That way you’re not sacrificing proper form and burning yourself out of energy in the first 15 minutes.

3. Plan your meals – it’s a lot easier to follow the meal plan and stick to it, when you know what you’ll be eating that day! Try planning it out for a few days at a time to get the hang of it and prep your meals. I would usually pack my lunch and snacks for my internship the night before that way, it was all ready to go in the morning for me and I didn’t have to take that extra time to get it all ready then.

4. Be active in your challenge groups – if you are having problems staying motivated or start to feel overwhelmed and burnt out, talk to your fellow challengers and look there for inspiration! They are all on the same journey as you and there’s lots of love and support offered there to really help keep you on track.

5. Don’t pay attention to the number on the scale – I know it may be hard, I used to be one of those people who stepped on the scale every day, and I would get frustrated when it wouldn’t tell me what I wanted it to. I had to realize that, that number is JUST A NUMBER. It couldn’t tell me how much better I felt, all the amazing energy I had from making better food choices, how rewarding it was after that great workout and how sweaty I got, or how my clothes started to fit better and I just felt more positive and smiled more because of it, or how the physical changes I actually started to see in my body when I looked in the mirror and how much STRONGER I had become, outweighed anything that scale had ever told me. Focus more on the non scale victories, those are what will keep you motivated and keep you wanting more.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely! This is the best decision I have ever made. I am in the best shape of my life at 26, even more so than I was before I was a mother of two! I love fitness and clean eating and it really is my passion now, I don’t even know how I lived the way I did before. I’m so much happier like this and I’m proud to say I’ve lost 45lbs since April 2013! I’m just getting started and not stopping anytime soon! I’m now doing P90X3 and The 21 Day Fix and I am loving both of them!! You’ll find once you get started on this healthy journey and start reaching those goals, you just want to keep going.”

You can check out Amber on Facebook 🙂

I hope that Amber’s story inspires at least ONE person! If it inspires one person to make a positive change, then that is a huge success! Just know that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO- you have the ability deep within you to achieve your goals. <3

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