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How to NOT Gain Weight This Christmas! :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
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How to NOT Gain Weight This Christmas!

How to NOT Gain Weight This Christmas

So this year you have diligently tracked your workouts and your food, and you’ve lost weight, right?! But we all know that when the holidays start to roll around, most of us get a little slack and honestly just so busy that these things can start to fall by the wayside. I totally understand, and it definitely happens to me as well…every year it is a fight! 🙂

THIS YEAR, however, I wanted to come up with a list of tips for both you AND I to help us not gain weight this Christmas. Tips are all well and good, but you will have to diligently plug these into your life for them to work, but I know YOU CAN DO THIS! Why don’t we do this together?! I’ve got your back. 🙂

So how do we not gain weight this Christmas?

1. Track your food intake!
So even if you’ve done this all year, you may need an extra reminder around the Christmas holiday. You’re likely running around crazy with shopping and cooking, and it will be easy to forget to log your food. It will also be easier for you to justify to yourself to grab fast food instead of taking along some healthy snacks with you. For the fast food trips, I recommend you check out my post: Healthiest Fast Food Meal Options. And then log it into myfitnesspal or whatever tracker you use! 🙂

2. Look up calories in foods BEFORE you eat them!
This simple task has saved me in so many instances! I would be interested in ordering a certain dish at a restaurant, that SOUNDED healthy, and later be absolutely horrified at the nutrition information when I went to log it into myfitnesspal. If you know you’re going to be cooking a certain dish or eating out at a specific restaurant, go ahead and look it up PRIOR to that event, and be informed of what you’re about to eat.

3. Schedule your workouts!
This tip may sound silly, but I dare you to try it for one week to see how it works for you! All you need to do is schedule your workout into your day. Literally, write that sucker down on your calendar or set an alarm for it in your phone…then DO IT. Treat your workout as if it were an appointment with your doctor. You wouldn’t purposely NOT show up for a doctor’s appointment, would you? Keep that in mind when your workout appointment time comes around. 🙂

4. Bring a healthy dish to your Christmas parties.
Oftentimes, for holiday parties, you will be asked to bring a dish anyway…so why not bring a healthy option so you KNOW you have something healthy to eat? Parties can be stressful for anyone who is trying to watch what they eat… you may burst into a cold sweat when trying to figure out what to eat at the party. So pick the lightest options and pair it with the healthy side dish that you bring, and you’ll be stress-free. 🙂

5. Drink your water!
When you’re running around super busy, it can also be easy to “forget” to drink enough water. Without enough hydration, you might feel more hungry than you really are, you may feel sluggish, and you may just feel yucky in general. So hydration is super important to combat any of these symptoms! Experts say to aim for at least half of your body weight in ounces per day, but find what works best for YOU. I aim for one gallon per day, because that is what makes me feel my best.

6. Eat more slowly and enjoy the company!
It is likely that you will be enjoying the company of family and friends during the Christmas holidays, so just slow down, be present, and take your time eating! Spark up a conversation so you eat more slowly. 🙂

7. Keep emergency snacks in your handbag.
To prevent binging when you’re super hungry, or to prevent eating out at fast food restaurants, keep healthy snacks in your handbag to tide you over until your next meal. Things like a little baggy of nuts, an apple or banana, or any other healthy snack that doesn’t need to be kept cold.

8. Add an extra 10 minutes of cardio on days where you know you’ll be eating decadent meals.
I know that 10 minutes won’t seem like much, which is the point! It isn’t a lot of extra time, but it can really help offset the extra holiday eating you may be doing.

So these were just a few tips for how to not gain weight this Christmas, and I hope that they were helpful! If I left out any of your favorite tips that work for you, please share in the comments!

As always, share this article with your friends if you found it helpful. 🙂 Happy December!

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