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THE BEST YES – Faith and Fitness Accountability Group

faith and fitness accountability group

I’m so EXCITED YA’LL!! I love to brainstorm and be creative about what to do in my fitness accountability groups. These groups are about so much more than just fitness. I truly want to always be improving my life and helping others do the same. So I am SO EXCITED about the group for MAY! So yes, we will be working on our fitness and out nutrition, so that we can feel like our best selves. But we will also be learning how to find BALANCE in our lives.

Tell me, does any of this sound like you?

✔You say YES to things that don’t make you happy, because you are a people pleaser.
✔You have so many demands placed on you every day that you are living in a constant state of overwhelm.
✔You never have time to pursue that dream of yours to write a book, go back to school, start a business…because you don’t have the time.
✔You dread telling people YES because you want to say no.
✔You are constantly worn out.

Let me tell you… ME TOO!

That’s what made me pick this book up in the first place. I was searching for a resource that was rooted in scripture that would help me beat this overwhelm that I have caused myself because of trying to please too many people and trying to be everything to everyone all at the same time.

This book has already been a HUGE eyeopener. And I want to share with you during the course of 30 days in a private support group what I am learning from the book. The book is optional, because I know you already have A LOT on your plate, especially when starting a new fitness or nutrition regimen. So I will share nuggets from the teachings to help you lead a more fulfilled life and we will do this TOGETHER. 🙌 We will stay accountable in this faith and fitness accountability group and learn how to lead a balanced life.

We will learn about how to only say YES to the best and most fulfilling things in your life – THE BEST YES.

If you’re interested in doing this group with me starting May 2nd, fill out this form for me pretty please with a cherry on top? And I’ll have a special gift to the first 5 people that do this with me.


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