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FAQ: Can I do TurboFire with a bad back / bad knees?

So this is a question I am asked quite frequently when sharing my love of TurboFire with others. Because I get asked so frequently, I thought it warranted a blog post AND a video showing an example! 🙂

P.S. today was a REST day for me on my hybrid, so no post for today.

This will be my first video on this blog – so it took me out of my comfort zone a bit – so you should now know that you are that important to me! 🙂

FAQ: Can I do TurboFire with a bad back / bad knees?

Answer: YES!!!! TurboFire has modifications for every single move throughout the entire program; this takes out the IMPACT, which is why those of us with a bad back or bad knees feels that this program will not be a good fit. Trust me, I have back problems that flare up pretty frequently, and I was able to fully complete the program just fine with great results! I also have a friend that started the program at over 300 pounds, and she also could do the moves just fine and lost 60 pounds her first 90 days – incredible!!!

The preview videos I always share, however, don’t really highlight on the modifications, so that is where my video comes in. In the first portion of the video, I demonstrate one of the HIITs (high-intensity interval training) and in the second half I demonstrate the modified version of the HIIT. Watch and learn! 🙂 Then I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you been delaying starting TurboFire because you were afraid you couldn’t do it?

If you’d like to grab TurboFire while it is on sale this month, or any other time, Click HERE and we will get started working together!! 🙂

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