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Body Beast Nutrition Guide | Body Beast For Women Review | 1-4 Week Progress
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Body Beast for Women Review: My Week 1-4 Progress

Body Beast for Women Review

I realized during my workout yesterday that I had not shared with you yet what workout program I am currently following and how it is going! I will also share that I wanted to make sure I was very open with my results and review because before I began this workout, I researched this exact topic and looked for Body Beast for women review or results and couldn’t find very much information!

So, what workout am I doing? You’ve obviously gotten the hint already from the title of this post: Body Beast. I am actually doing this program with my husband and we are doing it in our local Planet Fitness gym.

Why Body Beast? Ever since I began my weight loss endeavor, I have wished for my husband to exercise with me. He enjoys physical activity but I was doing my Beachbody home fitness programs and he is not a fan of at-home DVD programs. But because that is what was working for me and really teaching me the way to make a lifestyle change, I didn’t want to stop doing those programs! I had purchased Body Beast (made by Beachbody as well) last fall and started doing it at home, but I realized I was lacking enough equipment. I needed a larger variety of weights. I also injured myself because I tried using weights that we did have, but were TOO HEAVY to soon. So Body Beast was laid to rest for a year before I decided to pull it back out. You see, Body Beast can be done at home OR it can be done at a gym. I asked my husband, Steven, if he would do this program with me if we did it at a gym, and he said YES!

Isn’t this program for men? Body Beast is marketed more heavily towards men, because let’s face it, a large part of the female population stays away from heavy weight lifting out of fear of getting “bulky.” This program markets “bulky” so Beachbody probably just knew that it would be best suited to be marketed towards the male population. Tell a female she can gain 10 pounds of lean muscle in 90 days and most will run the other way. I, however, have a goal of having a more toned appearance, so Body Beast was an excellent choice for me.

What is the eating plan like? I know it will change as we near the end, but at this point in the program we are in the “bulking” phase. That means we are eating A LOT of calories. For me, I had always been taught to eat “low calorie” so starting a program that was asking me to eat 2,200 calories per day, was shocking! I had all kinds of fears running through my mind…I’m going to get fat! I’m going to gain weight! Well, hello, obviously you have to gain weight to gain muscle, but I was having a tough time grasping that fact as someone who had a warped addiction to a number on a scale in the past. The eating plan at the beginning of the program is 50% carbohydrates, which was also very shocking to me. I’m not complaining though, I LOVE carbs! Near the end of the program, the carbs will be cut much lower.

Have I gained weight? Actually, YES, I have gained weight since starting the program! When I started, I weighed 172, and this morning I weighed 176. I actually took some photos today, and compared them to photos I took in February when I weighed 161… I appear smaller now than I did at that smaller weight…that is the power of muscle and I love it! You really have to cut out the mentality that the number on the scale matters… it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. What matters most in my book is your overall wellness, body fat %, energy levels, and self-confidence. Having muscle makes me feel more confident and makes me feel strong.

How long are the workouts? If you’re doing the workouts alone, they range from 30-45 minutes. However, like I said before, I am doing this program with Steven, so they usually end up being around 45-90 minutes. I love the fact that we are doing this together; it is time well spent and is a bonding activity and time where we can talk.

Here are the photos I was talking about that I took:
Body Beast for Women Review

Body Beast for Women Review

This was me at the beginning of my journey in 2013, and now.

If you’re ever looking for some questions to be answered or would like a recommendation on what program might be best for YOU, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! My next accountability group (a mixture of programs are accepted!) begins November 10th and I would love to have you join us. You can apply here if you’d like more information!

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  • Reply Haley November 16, 2014 at 12:19 PM

    How are you doing with Beast?? I’m just starting and am curious to see how you’re feeling about the program now, and also what you did for nutrition, specifically. I’ve got some weight to lose and am totally lost with the nutrition… do I do it according to the book? Stay in a cut the whole time?

    • Reply Whitney DeLong November 17, 2014 at 11:40 AM

      Hey girl! I’m loving it. I’m really increasing in strength – like a lot! I posted on Instagram last night how my deadlift week one was 50 pounds, and yesterday I was able to deadlift 110 pounds multiple times. Now on that note, my muscles are growing which was my goal with this program, so I have GAINED weight. I am specifically following the macros for my weight/body fat from the book. Have you gone through that calculation to find your numbers? I know it is a complicated formula and took me a few times. The thing to remember is that this program will help you build tons of lean muscle during the first 9 weeks, so you will see an increase in the scale. But all of that extra muscle is going to help your body torch more calories even during rest periods. The last 3 weeks are the cut phase and you will take off some of the “fluff” you may feel yourself gaining the first 9 weeks. It was a hard mental battle for me at first to see the scale increasing. I asked several bodybuilders to confirm for me that this weight gain was normal and they all said it was. <3 Does that help some?

  • Reply Body Beast for Women Review: Update :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition December 30, 2014 at 11:31 AM

    […] literally seems like yesterday when I wrote my post Body Beast for Women Review: My Week 1-4 Progress- it is hard to believe we recently wrapped up week 12! My husband and I are doing the program […]

  • Reply kim March 5, 2015 at 5:58 PM

    how do I figure out which branch of beast to do? I want to develop lean muscle. also I understood that I can you use the same diet from 21 day fix for body beast. is this true? as such I would be eating 1500 calories will that be enough?
    thanks kim

    • Reply Whitney DeLong March 5, 2015 at 9:32 PM

      I followed the Body Beast specific eating plan, which had me eating 2,200 calories per day. It will vary a bit based on what your starting stats are though. I would recommend “lean Beast” for the branch to do. If you would like to chat more about how I did the eating, etc., I’d be glad to chat with you through email or Facebook! 🙂

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