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Body Beast for Women Review: Update

It literally seems like yesterday when I wrote my post Body Beast for Women Review: My Week 1-4 Progress– it is hard to believe we recently wrapped up week 12! My husband and I are doing the program together, and we took the holidays off. I did NOT stop exercising or eating well, but we took a break from actually going to the gym. What I love about having at-home workout options is that I know I can get a fabulous workout in without a gym, so when we decided to take a breather, I wasn’t worried.

We have both put on muscle like crazy since starting this program. We have both gained weight, both muscle and a little fat. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research, and what I am finding is that during any “bulk” program, you’re going to inevitably put on a little fat as well. We are starting the “cut” phase of the program, and I actually started cutting back this week and have already lost three pounds. I can’t wait to uncover the muscle we have built. 🙂

I feel powerful and strong, and I love it. I think this may be my “soulmate workout”! 🙂

Do you have a workout that you love? What is it?

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