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Belly Fat Blasting Ab Exercises

belly fat blasting ab exercises

Belly Fat Blasting Ab Exercises

Is there a cute top you’ve been dying to wear? Are your high-waist pants getting a little too tight? Maybe you’re getting conscious of your muffin top? Maybe you’re just wanting to get that mommy tummy to shrink down a bit [I know I am!!]. Or maybe you just want to get fit and get that toned body you’ve always wanted. Whatever your reason, below are 5 belly fat blasting ab exercises that will burn your belly fat!

HIIT Squat to Knee Lift Twist

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which is a type of training style where you do as many repetitions of the exercises as you can, with no rest. You can use the exercises for you warm-up, recovery, and cool-down.

For this exercise, you will need no equipment. For the first step, just stand with your feet hip-width apart and lower yourself into a deep squat. Remember to inhale! When you squat, sit back into your hips and extend your arms in front of your chest, with our palms facing inward.

The second step is to stand out of the squat while balancing on your left leg. Lift your right knee in front of your hip and extend your arms to the side. Rotate your body to the side and repeat the first step. For the next repetition, rotate your body to the other side!

HIIT Side Leap and Balance

This is another high-intensity interval training. You won’t need any equipment for this exercise! Start by balancing on your right leg and lower yourself into a single-leg squat. Keep your left arm back, elbows bent, while your right arm is in front of you.

The next step is to push off your right foot to leap over to your left. Swing your arms to the level of your shoulders and land in a single-leg squat on your left leg. For the repetition, push off your left leg to land on your right. If you need to modify, just do the move without the jump. It will still be effective.

Bridge Opposite Leg Reach

If you’re not into HIIT exercises, try this one. Get a mat to place on the floor and lie down on your back. Bend your left knee while keeping your foot flat to the floor, and extend your right leg to the ceiling. Then, open your raised right leg to the right before returning it to the center. Do 10 repetitions before switching sides.


Lie on your back and bend your knees in a 90-degree angle, with your feet pointing upwards. Lift your arms above your hear and swing them forward. Then, straighten your legs and form a V with your body.

Side Plank

This is the simplest exercise yet! Simply lie on your left side with your right hand on your right hip and balance on your forearm. Form a diagonal line with your body and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

To get the most out of your ab exercises, remember the following tips:

  • Always move from your waist! Make sure to keep those hips still!
  • Tighten up! With every move, you should feel a tightening from one hip bone to another.
  • Breathe properly! You don’t want to injure yourself, so make sure to inhale and exhale deeply with every breath.

Drop me a note in the comments if you can’t wait to try some of these belly fat blasting ab exercises ASAP!! 🙂

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