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Beachbody Weightloss Success Story: Rochele Hittle :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
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Beachbody Weightloss Success Story: Rochele Hittle

Beachbody Success Story

Friends and family, let me introduce you to my friend Rochele Hittle! Rochele and I actually met on Facebook over a year ago. I believe she had participated in one of my free fitness challenges I was offering on my fitness page, and we became friends. Rochele has an amazing Beachbody weightloss success story to share and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. Stories such as these reinforce why I do what I do – to watch lives be radically transformed!

I asked her to share with me her version of her success story, so here we go:

“Having done fitness competitions in 2000-2001, and also teaching group fitness for years, my life completely changed in 2004 after the birth of my third child. I kept saying that I needed to lose the weight, but I never really did lose all of the weight I gained. I weighed 200 pounds when I delivered my baby boy. Having only weighed 135 when getting pregnant, I was stuck at 168 forever after giving birth.

Beachbody Success Story

Rochele a few years ago; beautiful, but totally looks like a different person!

I wanted to get my body back and start working out but I just wasn’t feeling motivated; I was tired, I took naps on my days off, and was not eating right. I am happy to say that all of that has changed!

Today, I feel amazing. I have been training with a personal trainer once a week for almost a year, I eat healthy again, I started teaching group fitness classes again, and now I am coaching others so they don’t lack the motivation like I did in the past.

The number on the scale is JUST A NUMBER! I go by how I feel in my clothing. Thanks to Shakeology and the 3 Day Refresh, I have been able to push past a plateau I was at for what seemed like forever. I truly believe in it!

Thanks Whitney for not giving up on me to become a Coach. You believed in me and it has made a huge difference in my life!”

Building relationships like this are what being a Beachbody Coach is all about. There are so many other amazing perks, but this one tops the cake. Rochele will now be a part of my life forever as we go on and change the world together. Thank you, Rochele, for allowing me to share your Beachbody success story!

Rochele and I are hosting an accountability group starting Monday, November 17th! If you’d like to join, please contact one of us and let us know.

beachbody transformation story

Check out Rochele now! 🙂

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