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5 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

5 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

5 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

It’s not unusual to suddenly decide to turn your life around, to do a complete 180-degree turn-around, whether it’s about exercising regularly, losing weight, or eating a healthier diet. But how do you actually go about making this ‘change’ in your life? How do you make sure you don’t go right back to how you were before?

Create healthy habits!

A habit is defined as something that is regularly practiced, particularly a practice that is hard to give up. So what you need to do is create healthy habits that will lead you to improving your overall health. Here are some tips to create healthy habits that you won’t forget. I know for me, exercise is now a habit because it would be so hard to give it up. And that’s a good thing!

Set a specific and reasonable goal

Before deciding on a set of habits you have to cultivate, first set a goal for yourself. This goal will help you determine what the habits are that you need to develop. If your goal is to lose weight, then one of your habits might be to replace your servings of white rice with brown rice. If your goal is to exercise more, then make it a habit to wake up earlier for a morning jog.

But make sure your goal is reasonable and feasible! If your goal is something like dropping 20 pounds in a single month, you might eventually lose all motivation to continue because you won’t see the results you wanted. But if your goal is to lose 5 pounds in a month, then you’ll be able to quickly and easily track your progress.

Make your goal visible

Keep yourself motivated by making your goal visible! Write it down in ink and put it somewhere you can easily see, like on the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator door. If you want, you can even write down the reason why this goal is your goal, to remind yourself to keep going. If you reach a milestone with your goal, write it down on your calendar! This will motivate you and remind you when you’re suppose to reach your next milestone. I’m also a huge advocate for vision boards! This is where you pin up photos that remind you of your goal where you can see them daily and always remember them!

Commit yourself

Another way to use your calendar is so you can remember to schedule your workouts or your healthy grocery shopping dates. If you put it on your schedule, you are more likely to commit to doing these activities and you can prevent schedule conflicts that might take your attention away from these commitments.

List the steps

To keep yourself on track to achieving your set goal, write down a list of the steps that you need to take and the habits that you need to develop along the way. Make sure everything on your list is connected to your goal. Get your list checked by a fitness coach or a doctor, if your goal is related to your health. If possible, get feedback on your list and see if there are steps you can change for better, faster results.

Reward yourself

Lastly, reward yourself! Treat yourself to a massage or a spa if you reach your goals or even a milestone to your goals. Remember, you deserve it! I get monthly massages and manicures as gifts to myself and as another way to take care of myself and love myself. Your reward may be something like new workout gear that makes you feel amazing while you workout. Whatever motivates you, go for it!

What are your secrets for creating healthy habits? Share them with me in the comments!

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