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21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid – Day 9!

21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid

Hi friends!!! So after a long weekend it was back to the office grind today and also day 9 of my 21 Day Fix TurboFire hybrid! Woke up at 5:30am so I could get in workout #1, which was 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix! Anytime I have Pilates on the schedule, I opt to do it in the mornings because that is when I wake up with back pain. The back pain was intense this morning. Looking forward to seeing my doctor Friday so I can chat with her about this and determine what needs to be checked out!!

21 day fix TurboFire hybrid

I had some things to do when I got home, so workout #2 went down at about 7pm. Tonight’s workout was TurboFire HIIT 20. Whew! Now it’s 10pm and I’m wired, LOL. I realized this evening as I was sharing my meal log with my challenge group that I didn’t eat enough. It was one of those days where I forgot to eat lunch until like 2pm. I’m sure you never have days like that, right?! 😉

21 day fix TurboFire hybrid

Well, I need to go prep some food so tomorrow isn’t a repeat of today. Food=fuel and now I know why I’ve had a headache this afternoon! See you tomorrow!!!


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