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21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid – Day 16!

21 Day Fix TurboFire hybrid
Happy Friday!

I took an opportunity this morning to sleep a little bit later than normal – I think I was up by 6:30 or so! I left home early enough to go to the grocery store before work, which NEVER happens LOL!

I did my workout after work, which is usually very tough on a Friday, but I went ahead and got it done. 🙂 Today on the 21 Day Fix TurboFire hybrid schedule, I had TurboFire HIIT 25. Once again, a short burst of a workout that burns mega calories because of the intensity. Then my hubby and I went out for dinner and to Home Depot for some new things for my office.

21 day fix turbofire hybrid

Have an awesome weekend! I’m taking Sunday as a rest day. 🙂

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