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21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid – Day 1!

21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid

Hey friends! So I was finally able to get back to my workouts today after my surgery on May 1st. Yay! Having gotten into the habit of exercising last year, it is really frustrating when I can’t. You learn to really not take for granted the ability to exercise when you can’t.

I decided to try something different to try and get ready for the Beachbody Coach Summit in Vegas next month. I leave in 30 days!! Last year I was so self conscious that I refused to even pack a swimsuit. It was my first big event, and I guess I was expecting all Beachbody coaches to be in perfect shape. I was pleasantly surprised! Coaches come in all shapes and sizes; we all view ourselves as a work in progress and view progress in a higher regard than perfection. Perfection is unrealistic!!! So this year a swimsuit is coming with me.

So my “something different” I started today is a 21 Day Fix TurboFire hybrid schedule. I will be doing two workouts per day, which will be a mixture of…you guessed it… 21 Day Fix and TurboFire! With this plan I will follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan because it’s so easy and I love it.

Workout #1 today was 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix! It went down at 6am. 🙂 I’ve never been one to workout in the early mornings but totally killed it today and it made me feel refreshed.

21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid

Workout #2 was tonight after I got home from work and it was 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix! 🙂 It went down at 6pm. I really enjoy this workout… I’d never done Pilates before now.

21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid

My meals were perfect today! No cheating. Oh…except for a few m&ms… Told my hubby not to bring those things in our house. But they’re gone now. 😉 I never said I was perfect!!! LOL

It was also a fun mail day today. Got my certificates for advancing in my business. I will not let my dog eat them this time LOL! My prizes for the Beachbody Cup came too. Lots of fun mail!!!

21 Day Fix TurboFire Hybrid


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