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21 Day Fix Results and Transformation Story: Kerri :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
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21 Day Fix Results and Transformation Story: Kerri

21 Day Fix Results

I have a very inspiring story to share with you today from my friend Kerri. I’ve been asking her for a long time if I could share her story, but she was not ready until now. I think just as human nature, we tend to not recognize how far we have come sometimes, but now she is realizing that she has overcome so much and has come so far. Her story is very moving, so be prepared to be inspired today by not only her 21 Day Fix results story but by the much deeper story that revolves around that.

Written by Kerri herself:

Becoming fit as a Mom, Daughter, Wife and Professional

I have always been over weight, even as a child. My weight skyrocketed after marriage and having a child. I work as a University Administrator and commute over an hour each way to work and chose to feed myself and family a lot of fast food and unhealthy meals. Before I knew it, I turned 41 years old and weighed 295 pounds. In addition, my mother was in kidney failure and dialysis was no longer working. I wanted to donate my kidney, but the doctor said I was too overweight and I would be next if I didn’t get the weight off. I was devastated by this, but it gave me the determination to do something.

Around this time, a friend of mine told me about Shakeology and I gave it a try and liked it. I also learned about the 21 Day Fix program and ordered it as soon as I could.

On March 17, 2014, I embarked on a journey that has changed my life. I started a lifestyle change that included exercise, clean eating with portion control and a healthy attitude about my body. I was making changes for me first and foremost, but also for my mom (who received a kidney from her best friend by the way), for my mom’s best friend who gave what I could not, for my daughter who I could set an example for, for my husband and for my career.

I started with 21 Day Fix doing 3 rounds, then was so hooked on exercise, started T25 where I finished Alpha, Beta and Gamma. After finishing the T25 program, I started a hybrid T25/21 Day Fix exercise program all the while following the 21 Day Fix eating plan. As of today, I have lost 85 pounds. I hope to drop an additional 60 pounds.

On January 5, 2015 I started the new Insanity Max:30 program and have switched to that eating plan which is identical to 21 Day Fix with a few minor differences. Check back with me at the beginning of March to see how it went. My hope is to be down 100 pounds by my Journey’s Anniversary on March 17, 2015.

21 Day Fix Results

Can you say WOW WOW WOW?! Our team is so proud of Kerri and her amazing achievements and can’t wait to see her continue on this new lifestyle she has started. Feel free to leave her some love in the comments.

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