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21 Day Fix Extreme Results and Meal Plan: Final Results

21 Day Fix Extreme Results and Meal Plan Final

I’ve been so excited and ready to share with you my 21 Day Fix Extreme Results and Meal Plan for week 3.

I am in the second calorie tier, which is for 1,500 to 1,799 calories per day. This equates to the following container counts:

For the Countdown to Competition days –
4 green
0 purple
7 red
1 yellow
0 blue
0 orange
3 tsp

For the Extreme Eating days –

4 green
3 purple
4 red
3 yellow
1 blue
1 orange
4 tsp

On my 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan I share below, while I did not mark each item as the color it corresponds to, you will be able to tell if you have the program because all of the lists are in the book.

If you would find it easier to have tracking tally sheets to use throughout the day like I did, head on over to my post titled Get Prepared for 21 Day Fix and I share downloadable versions of those. You can edit these on your computer or print them out!

The order of the workouts is as follows:

Day 15 – Plyo Fix Extreme

Day 16 – Upper Fix Extreme

Day 17 – Pilates Fix Extreme

Day 18 – Lower Fix Extreme

Day 19 – Cardio Fix Extreme

Day 20 – Dirty 30 Extreme

Day 21 – Yoga Fix Extreme

And what you probably have been patiently awaiting the most… the meal plan I followed this week! As for results, I maintained the weight loss that I’ve lost so far – almost 9 pounds!

UPDATE: Now I can share! The reason I didn’t lose any additional weight this last week was because I was trying NOT TO! Because…I found out I am PREGNANT!! 😀

21 Day Fix Extreme Week 3 Meal Plan

CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of my 21 Day Fix Extreme Week 3 Meal Plan

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