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Free Membership

I wish that I could say anyone who purchases a Beachbody program can succeed without support. I am a personal testament to this; in 2011, I purchased and began INSANITY, without having any idea what a Coach was. I got a month into the program and quit. I had zero accountability. Nobody would care if I quit or encourage me to continue. So it was easy to quit. Unfortunately, this is very true and we have done studies to prove it.

The probability of success increases tremendously when you have a shoulder to lean on, someone to help you with your nutrition, and someone to encourage you to NEVER quit. I will encourage you and support you with anything you ever need, and I will NOT let you quit. You will learn to encourage and support your peers as well, and see how rewarding and motivating that can be for yourself. My absolute #1 goal is to see YOU succeed.

Do you want Whitney to Help You ? Make Whitney Your COACH!

What’s in it for YOU?

Here are my promises to you:

  • I will promote and encourage healthy lifestyles changes that can be maintained for life.
  • I will NEVER recommend anything to you that I am not doing myself
  • I will help you choose a workout program and/or supplements that match your needs and goals
  • I will teach you how to fit all of this into your busy lifestyle and stay committed
  • I will provide encouragement, motivation and support as often as YOU need – I will even offer tough love when you need it 🙂

How having a Coach makes a difference!

So I quit INSANITY when I tried it with no Coach… so what happened next? I actually decided to try another program, called TurboFire. This time I was connected with a Team Beachbody Coach, whom I am grateful for helping push me when I needed it. This was a 90 day program, and I lost 30 pounds. WHAT?! I have NEVER been able to lose weight like this. We don’t stop at the end of a program; we adapt this new lifestyle for LIFE. I want to help YOU reach success as well and set you up for a lifetime of wellness. I have since continued to do many other programs so that I can have the knowledge to best help my clients.

Coaching is an act of giving back and paying it forward. I received the help I needed and my passion is to help others in the same exact way. I love to encourage people and help people see their WORTH. I don’t care who you are, how much you weigh, what you look like, how you talk… I want to help you and we will take this journey TOGETHER.

I know staying committed to your health can be hard, especially when you are super busy with a career and a family, and excuses are easy to come up with. I personally deal with that all the time and know what you are going through. I guarantee to help you find a way to fit fitness and health into your busy life, without taking away from the other important areas of your life. I will help you find BALANCE.

When you are ready, please use the button below to be taken to a FREE Membership page where you will be able to sign up with me as your free coach. If you already have a Team Beachbody account, you likely already have a randomly assigned coach. If you have no relationship with that coach and would like to switch to have me as your coach for free, click below.

Already have a Coach and need to switch? Change Coaches!


If you have decided you are ready to jump into this head first with me and order a Beachbody Challenge Pack from this site, you will also receive private access to one of my exclusive Facebook accountability groups. These groups provide additional coaching in a fun environment of daily accountability. Explore the different options by clicking HERE.

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