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Natural Morning Sickness Tips

Natural Morning Sickness Tips

As a first time mom-to-be, I thought maybe I had gotten “lucky” and wasn’t going to get any morning sickness since I was feeling fine at almost 6 weeks pregnant! But lo and behold, at 6 weeks on the DOT, it started. Not only did I not feel well in the mornings though, I felt ill ALL DAY LONG! Yikes! I typically would start feeling better around 6pm.

But being into health and fitness, I really wanted to keep this pregnancy as natural as possible as far as medications. My doctor prescribed me Zofran, but having heard mixed things about it, I decided that honestly my sickness wasn’t severe enough to take a pill. So, the search began for natural morning sickness tips! I searched the internet and I asked tons of my mommy friends for advice.

I didn’t have the type of sickness that actually made me vomit (THANK GOODNESS), but I did have a general ill feeling all day. Once I hit about 10 weeks pregnant, the sickness subsided tremendously. (YAY!)

**Note: While still NATURAL, some of these tips include herbs and vitamins, so please always consult YOUR doctor before trying these tips.**

1. Sip on some peppermint tea. (This totally worked for me!)
2. Take ginger root in capsule form. (And pray it doesn’t get stuck in your throat like it did mine!! It burns!)
3. Chew on crystallized ginger. (I tried this…it was AWFUL!)
4. Eat a protein-rich snack before bed. (I enjoyed cheese cubes)
5. Suck on lemon drops or something sour. (A friend gave me some Preggie Pops and they were good!)
6. Never let your tummy get empty. Snack often and light to stay satisfied.
7. Get out of bed slowly and keep a light snack by your bed, such as crackers or granola.
8. Sip on some Sprite or Ginger Ale. While not calorie conscious, our goal here is to make ourselves feel good enough to EAT! This helped me immedilately when I would gag.
9. Try a wrist band designed for travel. You know, the ones for motion sickness. I have friends that swear by them!
10. You probably won’t feel like it, but get outside for some fresh air and take a walk. Or do some other form of light exercise that won’t make you hurl.
11. Some people swear by acupuncture treatments.
12. Rest… just sit or lay back down and rest! You need it momma.

What are some of your favorite natural morning sickness tips? I’d love to hear! Throw them in the comments below.

Natural Morning Sickness Tips

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