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My Birth Story :)

So, if you had been reading my blog in the last several months, you knew my husband and I were expecting a sweet baby girl! Well, she has ARRIVED!

I posted these two photo updates on my social media on October 30th, really having no idea that I would be checked into the hospital THAT DAY!

39 weeks dogs

39 weeks

I guess that was the “intuition” they tell you about!

So back to the story of WHY I was put into the hospital. I went to my 39 week doctor appointment on Friday, October 30th. I was feeling SO BAD and in so much discomfort that I actually asked my husband to go to the appointment with me. I knew there would be no ultrasound or anything, but I just had a FEELING that we would end up discussing induction.

You see, I used to have high blood pressure when I was overweight. This seems to be something I battle when I have too much weight on my body. My blood pressure always corrects itself when I get back to a healthy weight, but obviously pregnancy made me gain weight. So while my blood pressure was great at the beginning of my pregnancy, it crept up near the last 10 weeks or so. I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy, which just put me back to where I used to weigh when I had high blood pressure.

Pair the extra weight with anxiety and not feeling well, and my blood pressure at my 39 week appointment was 168/100! I’m so glad I asked Steven to meet me at my appointment. I was checked and was not dilated AT ALL, but was sent over to Labor and Delivery at the hospital to “run some tests to see if we should induce.”

When we arrived at Labor and Delivery, they told me to undress and get in the hospital gown. Steven and I were both kind of shocked, since we were expecting tests! We said that and they assured us that the midwife had told them we were inducing the next morning and we weren’t leaving without a baby! Gladly, I had almost all of our hospital bags packed and in the car, except for a few last minute things like toothbrushes.

I had kind of wanted a Halloween baby all along, just because I was almost a Halloween baby (my birthday is November 1). My mom was also in the hospital with me on Halloween but I waited til the next day. So I was excited that they were going to begin my induction on October 31!

They placed Cervadil to try and get my cervix to begin to dilate on the evening of October 30, and then let me eat my final meal (dun dun dunnnn….) at 9pm. I couldn’t eat again until little miss Kendall decided to arrive. Which I EXPECTED to be the next day.

Cervadil was placed, cheeseburger and fries were eaten, and off we went to bed with a sleeping pill that didn’t help me sleep AT ALL.

At 6am the next morning, I woke up and they removed the Cervadil and let me take a shower. I still was only like half a centimeter dilated… SERIOUSLY?! So they started me on IVs and Pitocin at 730am. There was lots of resting. I asked for Tylenol, which was fine until my WATER BROKE! My water broke so early in the process, around 1:30pm. I was only 1.5 cm dilated so I still had a LONG way to go and a lot of pain to endure. I asked for stronger pain medicines to hold me over, but the contractions got so painful that I started getting mean, like you see on the movies. Ha! ☺ I also started vomiting from the pain and pain medicines on an empty stomach. So I lasted until 730 when they rushed me an epidural.

FINALLY I was able to rest. I just was not progressing quickly enough and in way too much pain to go any longer without the epidural. Once I had the epidural, they put a birthing peanut between my legs and propped them up and alternated sides I was laying on for HOURS. But the beauty of it is that I was able to sleep a lot and rest. Things began to progress much quicker but not quickly enough for a Halloween baby.

We called family after midnight to tell them to make their way up to the hospital, because I was almost 10 cm dilated. That last little bit took FOREVER, which we weren’t expecting! So our poor families were in the waiting room all night long. This was also the evening of the time change, so they gained an EXTRA hour and had to sit through that, too! Poor family. I wasn’t 10 cm until around 4am. Again, we thought the rest would be quick.

NOPE. I pushed for FOUR HOURS. It was agony. I’ve never felt such pain in my life, even with an epidural. Kendall was born on my birthday, which we now share: November 1, at 8:02am. She weighed 7 lb and 7 oz and was 20.5 inches long! She has SO MUCH HAIR! And no, I didn’t really have much heartburn. ☺ And THEN, I got to EAT!!! After like 36 hours with NO FOOD!!! 😀

So this momma was in labor for 25 hours, but it really is true that once they’ve arrived, you quickly forget the pain and agony you were JUST IN! She’s precious and my heart is full for this little girl.

Her daddy picked out her going home outfit. 🙂

And the dogs were immedlately smitten!

And so were we!

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